Apr 23, 2009

Tequilla #2 -paper making

A few weeks ago when we were in Tequila Cory, my father in law and I took a paper making class. It was only suppose to last 15 minutes but we were so interested and had so many questions that it lasted a whole lot longer. As I mentioned in my last post Tequila is made from the agave plant. The heart of the agave, or piƱa, is used for the tequila while the rest is just discarded. Well, the part that isn't used in making tequila can be used to make paper.

The paper is a dark color but can be bleached.

The teacher showed us a few different techniques that can be used to make the paper.

Here I am making my first piece of paper. The first one was made out of Agave, the second piece we made was made of a mixture of agave and recycled paper. The third piece we made was a mixture of the two pieces. First we made a paper of the recycled/agave mix then right on top of that paper we made an agave piece. We then took away parts of the top layer to make a decorative piece.
This is how Cory's decorative piece turned out.


Timbra said...

very very cool. . . . i want to come visit and go on all these field trips :)

amazz said...

That's awesome!