May 18, 2007

Cute thoughts by Josiah

Sometimes I would love to think like a child. Last night the family was watching the Boston Red Sox game. After watching for a while Josiah said "Mom, the Orioles should be your favorite team since they are your favorite food". We had a quick lesson on the difference between Orioles and Oreos.
So much goes on in the head of a 5 year old. So many simple thoughts, so many deep thoughts. I wish that I could clear my mind of everyday worries and have the same kind of thoughts Josiah has. He deeply blesses my life.

May 16, 2007

It is now the 16th and after almost 10 days I am finally sending out my blog address. The kids returned to school today after a long weekend. Thursday they didn't have school to celebrated Mother's Day (doesn't make a lot of sense to me). Then Monday and Tuesday they didn't have school. I am not exactly sure why Monday was off but Tuesday was Teacher's Day!! They love celebrating everything! I will try to get some more pictures added soon. Josiah is so busy with life as a 5 year old and I would love to share pictures to help you see all the things he is keeping himself busy with. Right now Spiderman has been reborn as a favorite of Josiah. He is outside right now with one of his friends they are both dressed in spiderman clothes and they are playing superheroes.

May 5, 2007

Getting Started

I am finally entering into the blog world. I always enjoy looking at my friends blogs. I have started a blog 2 or 3 times but never followed through.
Things are crazy in our house right now and probably not the calmest time to get this started. Hannah just got over the chicken pox and a sinus infection. She now has a stomach bug and is throwing up. Not much fun for anyone but even less for an 11 month old (and her parents).