Apr 10, 2009


American football just ins't that popular here in Mexico. Soccer football is the dominant sport. There is afterschool american football program. Its pretty intense though. They practice every afternoon and have games every weekend. Half of the games are out oftown and they stay the night there before their Saturday morning games. Well, the football school approached some schools in town and asked them if they wanted to start an aftershool program that competed with the other schools in town. A little less intense than the other program. Well, I was told by the gym teacher that when they made the announcement in gym class Josiah was pretty much jumping up and down. He has loved playing. The season was only mid Jan-1 st week of April. It was a lot of fun to watch him. Here are some pictures of the season.
Josiah is the one closest with the black pants.

Trying to act tough

This was after a really good tackle right before half time. As they were walking in to the locker room he and his coach were reliving the play. It was so adorable (is that an ok word to use when talking about football?)

The team right after they got their jerseys.

The parents had to present the jerseys to their own kids and tell them something.
I am glad the season is over because things are going to calm down a little but it sure was fun.


Mike and Lucy said...

Just got finished catching up reading on your blog. You do such a great job writing about everything and sharing your lives. And I love all the pictures too!