Apr 27, 2009

Swine Flu changes our schedule

Just wanted to update everyone. We are doing fine. There actually haven't been any official reports of swine flu in our state (although there have been some un-official reports).
The Mexican govt decided to suspend classes in the whole nation until May6th (with the possibility of it being even later).
When I found out that school was going to be cancelled I called Cory and told him I was heading to the store! Well, so was everyone else. The store was crazy and so many people were wearing mouth coverings. Lysol was a hot item in many carts!
We have been told that we are to stay at home until the 6th!! I hope we don't go crazy. I have lots of BIG plans for the kids - deep cleaning their rooms, organizing, studying, some crafts, some science experiments, I am even thinking about going and buying a microscope etc. Anyone have any ideas of experiments or crafts we should do?? Let me know.


amazz said...

Wow! You guys stay well! I'll be thinking of you.

David and Olivia said...

Hey, you guys are in our prayers as well as all of Mexico. Glad to hear it hasn't gotten to your state yet. I hope you enjoy the time together inside as a family-- those are the memories you're kids will remember later on in life!
I found a neat website once with some good science experiments and just re-found it for you:
It's pretty neat with many experiments that have stuff you usually have around the house. Hope that might at least trigger some more ideas!

Angela said... is a great website for any occassion. Mainly for smaller kids.. but good craft activities! I use this website every week for the pre-k kids I teach. Ya'll are in our prayers and enjoy the family time together.

April said...

I will be praying that you all stay healthy!

Lady_Verlane said...

Hope you are all still well... We too have been doing many crafts... no microscopes though... today we cleaned rooms too.. It was really Omar's idea... But Emma was sent home Monday with homework so she has something to do everyday.. Other than that swimming in their tiny "pool" has been the highlight of their days.... but almost on the verge of Crazy here.....Were almost done!!!
Have you all heard of any more sickness? we have not...