Apr 9, 2009

Science project and Abigails spring

Every year the kids Kinder has a party to celebrate spring. The kids all come with their bikes decorated for the spring. Some moms even have their kids bikes professionally decorated! In the past I have spent a large quantity of time on decorating the bike but this year I decided not to spend so much time on it. Instead I went out to eat at Chilis with friends and then they came home and helped me get her bike ready for the next morning. In the end I think it turned out 10x better than any other year. It was really cute.
Sorry I cant figure out how to rotate this picture.

Seriously the picture doesn't do it justice! Thanks girls for helping me.

Here is Abigail holding her class sign. They actually ride their bikes around the park with the classrooms. They even have a little race. After the bike parade there are parent/child competitions. It was a lot of fun. She is still talking about how we raced together.

Josiah had a science exam a few weeks ago. For the exam he had to explain to the class the life cycle of a butterfly or frog. He choose the butterfly. He was allowed to bring a visual aid to help him teach the class. This is what he (with the help of myself and Jeff Smith) made. Don't worry he was allowed to have adult help to make the prop. The exam was strictly the oral fluency and ability to communicate the life cycle to his classmates. Cory was worried that there was too much adult help with his prop. I saw some of the other classmates aids and I promise you they had much more adult help than Josiah did. It was probably the same moms that had their kids bikes professionaly decorated for their kinder party. Josiah did a great jog he got a 100%!


amazz said...

Abigail's bike looks wonderful! What a fun day at school! Josiah's prop looks great, too.

Happy Easter!!

Timbra said...

this makes me want to decorate MY bike for spring and do a one man parade in the parking lot :) How sweet!!! And yes, very cute decor on the bike.