Apr 10, 2009

Field Trip

A few weeks ago I got to go with Abigails class on a field trip. It was a field trip to a "farm". This farm is booked every school day with school tours. They said not a day goes by when they don't have a field trip.
Here are Abigail and her classmates waiting for the presentation to start. There were many stations that the kids were taken to and taught about farms. Here the kids are filling cups with dirt and planting corn. They had an area set up with corn plants of all different sizes where they showed the kids the growth process of corn all the way to harvest. After that we moved on to the tortilla station where they were told about how the corn is dried and then turned into dough for tortillas.
The kids were each given a small amount of dough that they rolled into a ball and put into a press. Then they took their tortillas to be cooked and later fed the tortillas to the chickens and other animals.

They also had a reptile show at the very end. Abigail wasn't so sure about this baby croc.


Mike and Lucy said...

How fun. That is cool you got to go too. Loved the last picture! Oh, in the second to last picture, Abigail looks so much like Josiah. True siblings!

Carolyn said...

Hey you have been busy catching up on the blog lots of stuff going on , eh? I enjoyed reading about it all. How is your visit from the suegras?! Hope you are having fun!

Love ya - thanks for your condolences about Tanner. We are doing okay - just miss him.

Bye for now,

David and Olivia said...

What a neat field trip. We need to know more about this corn-drying-and-making-into-tortilla process so we can have some here in Ukraine! :) The photos are great... your kids are growing up fast!