Apr 6, 2009

Gymanstics and Baseball

I have 6 drafts that I am working on to post this week. I decided too much has gone on since the last post and I would divide it so it wouldn't be
so overwhelming.

We had a great time at the gymnastics show. It was a lot of fun. It was a little different than I expected. It was a show not a competition so the athletes were a little free. They did some silly things and goofed off a lot. It was still fun but not quite as intense as I expected it to be. The girls had a blast.

The day after the gymnastics show we headed to Mexico City for the World Baseball Classic. We had a great time. We sat in the front row at almost all the games we went to. It was general seating in our section so we would always go 3 hours before the games and get in line. It worked out nice that way because we got good seats and Josiah got to watch batting practice. At the last game we went to (Mexico vs Australia) Josiah got two balls thrown to him by players. One was from an Australian and the other was from Miguel Ojeda. He also got his hat signed by Ojeda, Jorge Cantu, and Oliver Perez. It was pretty cool.

While in Mexico City we stayed with our great friends the Brednichs. We had such a good time visiting them and catching up on life. Their kids are great and we had a blast at Pierce's Birthday party.

Today, April 6th has been a long awaited day in our household. Today was the opening day for the Boston Red Sox. Much preparation went into today. I went shopping yesterday to make sure we had the ingredients needed for a proper game day cook out. This morning the kids were warned that at 11 o'clock everyone was going to stop what they were doing and get the house in great shape so we could watch the 1 o'clock game. Without me even having to say anything Josiah began cleaning at 11 and soon was asking me what else needed to get done, what amazing power baseball holds over a 7 year old. At 12 I realized I was missing kidney beans for the chili. Well Kidney beans can only be bought at the import store which is about a 15-20 minute drive from our house. I quickly threw together the Boston Baked Beans put them in the oven and drove to get the kidney beans. I got home at 1:03 and there still wasn't a first pitch. 1:15 still no first pitch, they were showing interviews with the players. Josiah was getting a little frustrated so I got on the internet and what did I see GAME POSPONED because of rain and wind. So, I broke the news to my family. All Josiah could say for the next 5 minutes was "I did all that work for nothing!" over and over. The truth is I was feeling the same exact thing he was! "I did all that for nothing!" Well, the game is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:05. I think we will just order pizza or have frito pies because I am not doing that over again.


Justin Cherry said...

i like your guys party style...sorry the game didn't work out, i hope you enjoy it today.


Sorry the game didn't happen. Eat a hotdog for me today :)