Apr 16, 2009

Easter and Abigails 5th Birthday

Sunday was a super fun day. Not only was it Easter but Abigail turned 5. We got up and hunted eggs and the kids found their Easter baskets (wonderfully filled with goodies my in laws brought us from the states).

We got ready for church and headed to Krispy Kreme for a fun breakfast. Our Krispy Kreme has a great playground and we were the only customers they had. We stayed for over and hour and as we were leaving another family arrived. It was great we had to the whole place to ourselves. We then headed to church and had a good time with everyone there.

After lunch at Sirloin Stockade we came home and had cake and opened presents. It was a lot of fun.


Jessica L. Johnson said...

I can't believe she is 5! What a cute cake!

amazz said...

ROFL at that last picture! Happy Birthday Abigail!

Timbra said...

thankfully i'm on a laptop so i can turn and see all the pix properly. . . love the sweet easter dresses. . .wow FIVE?!!! Happy birthday abigail! Can you believe your BABY is about to be 3? I CAN'T (you know, since the girls are only a week apart).