Sep 22, 2009

All church get together

About once a month or every two months all the churches we work with get together on Sundays. There are 5 churches. We get together and worship and then spend the rest of the day fellowshipping and eating together. A few weeks ago we went to Chapala (about 45 minutes from our house). Not everyone came but there was a good turnout, I think there were a little over 70. One of the members dad owns a plot of land and they allowed us to use it. It was right on the lake. The lake is known for being very polluted and dirty. The first pictures is Hannah with a fish that someone caught for her. She was so excited she didn't realize he was upside down.

Here is a group looking at the lake before we had church.

After church we grilled out. One of the visitors brought two big pots of corn for us to snack on while we were waiting for lunch to be ready. Mexicans love corn on the cob. Its not sweet like we are use to and they cover it with salt, lime, chili and cream. I like mine with salt and chili. Hannah is eating her corn with Nicole (she is the grandaughter of the man who let us use his land). Her parents are part of our church.
This is Arturo preaching. He is one of Corys really good friends. He moved away to Leon for a few years but has recently moved back. We are really excited he is here. He and Cory are starting a weekly get together for the youth of the 5 churches.

This is a very small portion of the children that were there on that day.