Mar 7, 2009

Busy week ahead - its a rough life!

There are some sad things about living in a foreign country. We don't get to spend holidays with family, we don't get to watch our niece grow up, we don't get Papa Johns or Mazzios, theres no Cold Stone Creamery here etc. Honestly the only really bad things are being away from family.
There are many really cool things about living in a foreign country though.
Our kids speak both Spanish and English, they are learning about two cultures, they are more tolerant to people that are "different" etc.
Since we live in a city of 7-9 million people there are other perks. Any city that size is going to have really cool attractions. In the past few years Sarah Brightan, Placido Domingo, Yanni, Celine Dion and many more famous singers have given concerts. I haven't been to any of them.
I am still waiting for Josh Groban to come and I promise I will be there!
Well, tonight there is a Gymnastics show. There will be many Bejing Olympic medalists performing. Including Nastia Liukin the all-around gold medalist. I am really excited. I am going to take Abigail and Kim and Karsyn Rush are going to go with us. It should be a blast. I will post pictures later.
Tomorrow morning we (Cory, Josiah and I) are leaving for Mexico City for a 5 day vacation. We will be attending the World Baseball classic. We love Baseball - especially Josiah and Cory. When we first heard about it we thought it would be cool but didn't think there was going to be any way that we could go. As I looked into it I was told that you couldn't buy single game tickets you had to buy a pack that included all 6 games. I thought for sure we wouldn't be able to do that. Then I found out that you could get a pack for as low as $30 and we were in! So, they won't be the best seats in the stadium but it is going to be a blast. We are going to be staying with our really good friends that are missionaries in Mexico City. Its cool because all but the first game are evening games so we have all day free. We are looking forward to visiting with the missionaries in Mexico City during the day. We are really excited. The girls will stay here with our wonderful AIMers who volunteered to keep them for us. We originally were going to take them with us but weren't sure how they would do with 6 baseball games. I don't know who is more excited Josiah about going to the games or the girls about staying with the AIMers! I am glad that our kids love the AIMers as much as they do.
We will get into Guadalajara early Friday morning. Friday night we have a group coming in from the Sunset Church of Christ. They will be here for a week on a spring break mission trip. Saturday and Sunday we will be at an all church retreat and the week is going to be filled with lots of great ministry and cultural experiences for the group. I am looking forward to it.