Feb 9, 2009

Update on the dump ministry

Just wanted to send you guys and update on the dump ministry. I know some of you support this ministry and wanted to send you the update.

Things are going well here. I was in the US for a week with family. I got back on Thursday and Friday at 4:45 AM Cory left for Mexico City. He will be there until Wed night. Its a little crazy with only one parent jugling carpool, school, homework, afterschool activities, housework, a cold etc. Hopefully things will calm down when Cory gets back.
I have some great pictures that I want to get posted but they will have to wait till a later time. I got a new camera while in Oklahoma - thanks to Circuit City going out of business. I love the camera and it takes increadible pictures. Look forward to sharing them with you later - have a great day.


Carolyn said...

A new camera?!!? Nice! Glad you had a good "vacation" :)

Anonymous said...

You amaze me daily... God is blessing your work there and I know part of that is your dedication and work you do with your family and friends.... Keep it up....Glad you were able to visit family... Tana