Feb 24, 2009


Its been a long day. I managed to get all the paper work and fines payed to get my car back. It took about 5 hours but its done.
Tonight I had a party with my neighbor friends. 9 of us get together when its our Birthday. We each give the Birthday girl $10 and spend a few hours catching up on things and just having fun. Well, its almost 1 in the morning and I am just walking in the door. The cool thing is we all live in the same housing community. As I was walking home about 30 minutes ago I heard my next door neighbor, who was just leaving the party, yell my name. I turned around to see what she needed and noticed that she was leaning up against a car and shaking. She told me to get her husband (who is a doctor). I ran to the house - funny side note. While I was running to her house the other neighbors dog decided to chase me and bark. Well, by now a few of the other ladies that were at the party are watching and all they see is me running like crazy down the street being chased by the dog. They thought I was scarred of the dog. I went into my next door neighbors house and woke her husband up. He came and helped us take care of her. She has a form of epilepsy but hasn't been able to control it with any medicines. It was really scarry and she was very humiliated. She openly claims to being very vain. She frequently mentions how important her appearance is. We know that she is going to be emberassed tomorrow. We want to help her but know that she isn't going to want to talk to us about it. After she went into the house the rest of us when back into the house where the party was. The really cool thing was that when we were in the house people kept bringing up that we need to be praying for her and that only God can help her.
The seizure wasn't enjoyable but sometimes I wonder how things like that can be used by God. What I mean is, it is making my neighbors think more about praying for their friends. Somehow being in prayer for someone makes you feel closer to them so in the end your friendships grow to a different level. I pray that she can get on medicine that helps control her attacks and that maybe though all of this we (her friends) can help her to see that her appearance isn't what matters to us. Nor should it matter to her.
Ok, so the title of my post. . . . We got a call this afternoon from our friend Brian. I wrote about him in early January in a post where I listed a bunch of sad things that were going on at the time. You might remember that his aunt was kidnapped in mid/late December. They say that if you get kidnapped there is around an 85% chance that you will not be returned. Well her family, friends, families friends, maybe even some of you have been praying for her. We got a call this afternoon that they released her!!!! She will be arriving to Guadalajara tomorrow. Praise God! Thank you so much to any of you that have been praying for her. To be honest with you I had given up hope that she was still alive. Once again I have been amazed!
Good night.


amazz said...

That's wonderful about the aunt, Toni! God is good!