Jan 28, 2009

Hospital Trip

Tomorrow I leave for the USA. I am excited to get to see family and especially my niece.
I planned on spending the day doing laundry, packing and getting everything ready for Cory to be with the kids for 8 days. Instead I spent all afternoon at the hospital. Today at school some kids were running and they pushed Abigail down pretty hard. Everything looked fine until a few hours later she started throwing up. We ended up taking her in to get x-rays and then to see our wonderful pediatrician. Thankfully his office is in the hospital. Neurologically she was doing fine. He did a bunch of neuro tests on her (lots of the tests they do to check if people are drunk - touch your nose, walk in a strait line etc.) There was an abnormality in the skull x-rays right where she had fallen so we had to go take more x-rays. Everything ended up being fine but it was a little scary. The abnormality was the line where her skull meets. Her head was turned just right and the line showed up and looked like it might be a fracture - Thank God everything is ok. She is not allowed to go to school tomorrow. I will leave for the USA at 8:30 so she is going to spend the day with dad. She is pretty excited. They are going to go on a breakfast date. She infomed us that it wasn't a real date because a date was when you go out to eat at night time. Well, I don't really have time to be sitting on the computer. My flight leaves in 12 hours and I still have 3 loads of laundry, packing, etc to get done.


amazz said...

Toni, that's awful about Abigail getting hurt at school! I'm so sorry that happened. I'm relieve that she is doing ok and I know she will enjoy her day with Cory. Have a safe trip!! I'll be praying for you.