Feb 20, 2009


We have been so blessed with Josiah's school. One of the things about living in Mexico is that we have to send our kids to private schools. We found the perfect school for Josiah and we are really happy with it. He loves it, not once has he ever said to us that he doesn't want to go to school. It has been wonderful.
He is now taking after school football at the school. One day when Cory was in Mexico City I hadn't prepared lunch so I decided that we would eat in the school restaurant. I took Josiah, Abigail and Hannah into the restraurant and quickly realized that we were going to go without lunch that day. It was so bad. There were a ton of flies, trash everywhere and just dirty. I directly went to the pricipals office and told him what I had just seen in the school restaurant. He assured me that everything would be resolved. The next day I got a call from the owner of the restaurant explaining how she was going to work really hard to fix it etc. but it was just hard to keep the place clean with 1200 students. Long story short I was told things would get better. A few days later I found myself in the principals office again talking about an afterschool art class where the kids had been left alone so that the teacher could go eat. Anyway while talking to the principal I mentioned that in the states parents are much more involved in schooling than they are allowed to be here in Mexico. (I do realize that parents in the USA are also not that involved but if a parent wants to be involved they are given the opportunity). I explained to him that moms and dads are even allowed to go into the classroom at times and help out or do special activities. This absolutely floored him. He just couldn't believe that they allowed parents into the classroom. I told him that I would be more than happy to be part of something like that at our school. I would be willing to read to the kids in English, do crafts, etc. It was such a novel idea to him. He seemed really interested.
This was a week ago today. Well, this afternoon he came and found me at football practice. He had a stack of papers in his hand. He told me he wanted me to see what the papers were about. He actually followed through with my idea! He had a small group of test parents come this week and take part in activities!! He then had them fill out a paper to see what they thought about it and if it was worth doing more often. Every parent thought it was great and wants to keep doing it! The director was so excited.
I know it wasn't an original idea but I am really proud. I hope this is something that will change the lives of many parents and children.
I will keep you updated. Please post comment if you have ideas of things that parents can do in schools. Maybe something that you are doing or did in your childs school.


Brian said...

Toni! That's too cool, I had no idea. :)

Timbra said...

that's really cool. we don't have one in school, so um. . . i don't know, the things you mentioned all sounded great. just having "room parents" someone to be there if the teacher needs to go eat (ha) or to be a second set of hands with a craft project. very cool!!!

Justin Cherry said...

that is really awesome, we are hoping to do something like that here in new zealand. thanks for showing us it is possible.