Feb 23, 2009

Without a car

Well, today has not been a very good day. Abigail has been running 102-103 temp since Friday. I made an apt to take her to the doctor at 1:00 today. She is so fussy when she is sick and Hannah want to help her which just makes Abigail mad. Needless to say lots of fussing and lots of fighting going on in our house the last few days between siblings.
I got to the doctors office about 15 minutes early and found a good parking spot (Where we always park, on a street with no no parking signs on it). So I parked and went to the doctors office. 30 minutes later Abigail had been diagnosed with a viral and bacterial infection - sinus and broncs. We head out the door and the street has zero cars on it. I looked again and again and no there were no cars whatsoever on the road.
I went back into the hospital where the doctors office is located. I tried calling Cory on my cell phone and my minutes had ran out. I am on a plan where I buy minutes in advance and they expire after two months. Well I guess the last time I added minutes was two months ago today. So I had to borrow the hospitals phone. In the end I took a taxi home. The taxi driver explained to me that it usually takes a while for the tow truck to get all the paperwork done at the transit office and often there is a long line of tow trucks. He encouraged me to go see if I could find the tow truck and see if the paperwork hadn't been filled if they would let it go. Well, our other car is in the shop - it was supose to get out today but this afternoon the truck delivered the parts and somehow the parts for our car weren't on the truck so we will have to wait till Thursday to get our car back. So, my neighbohr lent me her car. Well, the coral (as they call it) is outside of town and about a 30 minute drive. We got there and there was my car. I talked to the driver of the tow truck and he explained to me that there was nothing that could be done. He did allow me to get stuff out of the car which was super big help.
So tomorrow I have to go to the center (about 25 minutes from here) and stand in line at the transit office and pay a fine and towing expenses. I would love explain to them that there weren't any no parking signs anywhere but I know they won't care. Once I pay the fine and towing expenses then I will have to go back to the coral (about 1 hour from the office where I will pay the fine) and hopefully they will pass my car over. I am not expecting any of this to go smoothely. Luckily I have a super great friend/neighbor and she is lending me her car so that I can do all of this.
To end our day Cory and I went to the movies. We had bought tickets in advance this morning before all of this happened. We saw Slumdog Millionare. Very good. I once again was reminded that no matter what bad things happen in my life I am still blessed. When Cory and I were coming home we decided to fill my friends car up with gas. While at the gas station another woman drove up and only had enough money to buy about 1 1/2 gal of gas. This is when Cory and I were once again reminded how blessed we are. We might have occasional bad days but we are so blessed. We have more than we could imagine or ask for.


Mike and Lucy said...

I am not sure if my last comment posted, but I am praying for your neighbor friend that God will use this to lead her closer to Him. And thank you for your reminder to be thankful amidst bad situations (last post). Lucy