Oct 28, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

Warning - this blog entry is going to be filled with a lot of pictures. Lots of good stuff has been going on. We have been getting some good time with our Mexican friends lately. Josiahs best friend in our housing edition is Mario and they both love soccer. They have a lot of fun playing outside together.
Josiahs best friend at school is Santiago. He came to our house last week and we had a great time. He likes cooking so I decided that for lunch we would all make our own pizzas. I was really excited about it. On the way to our house he told me that he loved almost every kind of food but that pizza was one of his least favorite. Oops - I then told him that I was really sorry but that was what we were having for lunch. I offered him a hotdog but he gladly made and ate his own pizza. While we were making them I jokingly stated "ok, I am going to get the onions and mushrooms out" thinking that he would say yuck. Instead he got really excited and said that he loved mushrooms - oops again. I didn't have any mushrooms. Luckily my neighbor did. They had a lot of fun together that day. I really like his family and hope that we will get to know eachother better. This weekend we have a first grade mother/child camping trip. His mother will be there and I am really excited about spending time with her and the other moms.
Hi-5 was in town and we ended up getting really good tickets. We sat in the 5th row middle section. Many of you might not know who Hi-5 is. I couldn't believe it when I found out that my parents and my sister didn't know who they are. I guess you have no need to know who they are if you don't have little children. They are "the" singing group of children 2-8. If you want to know more they have a good website you can look up. Anyway we went with my neighbor and her daughter. When we got to the concert we were offered a ticket to get our picture taken with the group after the concert. I asked the guy "now this is the original Hi-5 group right?" Often they have shows here where it isn't the original but they don't always tell you that. He assured me that it was the real group. So, we bought the ticket to get the kids picture taken with the group after the show. Like I said, we had great seats and when the group came out both my friend and I looked at eachother. It was not the original group. We later were told it was the official Latin American group. Oh well. We had a great time and they sang (lip sung) to all of the kids favorite songs and they had a blast.
This afternoon we had one of our AIMers over for lunch. Today was a crazy day so we had jelly sandwiches on hotdog buns and bean burritos. Not together but those were the two options. After the kids had finished their first sandwich Josiah asked for a second. I grabbed a bun and this is what I saw!!!!
A cockroach cooked into the bun!! Yuck. I asked Josiah if it would be ok if he just had a burrito and he was fine with that.

We have had a really sad weekend. Our dog - Josiahs dog - died last night. He had been perfectly healthy but started having seizures this weekend. He ended up having 6 seizures in a day and a half. After bloodwork and brain x-rays we realized that he wasn't going to have a very good life. There was a small possibility of keeping him alive with a lot of medication but the doctor seemed to think that he would pretty much pass the rest of his life needing to be heavily medicated. We decided that this wasn't what we wanted for Arthur or for our family so we had him put to sleep last night. Josiah is really upset. If it were up to him he would just stay in bed all day and think about Arthur - at least that is what he told me at 6 o'clock this morning when he got in bed with me. He has been crying at the drop of a hat but I am sure that things will get better in a few days or weeks. Arthur was very much a part of our life. When we were home he was always at the kids sides. I thought I would throw in some pictures that I found.

He put up with a lot from Hannah but he always followed her around and wanted to be where she was - from the day we brought her home from the hospital.

He was even kind enough to share chew toys with Hannah - what a great friend.
Hannah and Abigail share a bunk bed. Abigail on top and Hannah on the bottom. Well, tonight after the kids had been in bed for a while, we heard a loud crash followed by screaming. Hannah decided that she wanted to be on the top and ended up falling out of the bed. She has a huge bump on her forhead. It is so swollen and is going to leave a nice bruise for a few weeks.


Cherry said...

outch! that bump looks bad. I had a lot of those growing up, but I think mine were because I jumped off the top bunk thinking I was superman! :) Hope she gets to feeling better.

Carolyn said...

yikes - what a post! have been thinking about you guys....

The need some arnica pomada - I am sure you know what that stuff is living here in Mex...I finally gave in and tried it and it really is pretty amazing. Takes down the swelling and color.

Hope you guys are hanging in there!

Happy halloween,

Love, Care

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

wow what a week for the kids. Hope this week is much better :)

James Henderson said...

Ouch, I just saw Cory; we went to the batting cage - lots of fun.

He showed me "the unicorn". So sorry.

Care says arnica, I say just put some te de manzanilla on it.


Mike and Lucy said...

I'm having to catchy up on a lot of your blog! You've been posting so much while we've been out of internet 'commission'! I love reading about everything going on with you all! And we are so sorry about Arthur. Poor Josiah. And, we were just wondering at what age a kid could sleep on a top bunk. We were wondering if Canaan would be able to by the time Max moved into a big boy bed...Canaan would be about 4. Well, I guess two is a little young! Hope her head heals fast! WE love you all!