Oct 5, 2008


We are right in the middle of the "me do it" stage with Hannah right now. She is definately two and wants to do everything by herself. Even more so than my other kids - I think mainly because she wants to be like the other two. She wants to do everything they do.
Everything is "Me do it" wether its getting out of her car seat, getting out of the car, shutting the car door, opening the house door, shutting the house door, putting my purse up - are you getting the picture? Everything! It gets really old at times and a lot of times I just don't let her. When its not an inconvenience to someone else and we have time of course I let her. Its always fun when she is intent on doing something and after much trying she has to give up and ask for help. She is really good at eating her cereal by herself but once she gets to the end she has a really hard time getting those last few cheerios on her spoon. That is when she always gives in and asks for help. I am only allowed to put the cereal on the spoon and then she wants to have the spoon back and feed herself.
Is this ringing a bell with anyone? It is reminding me of myself a lot (not as a kid) but now. Sometimes I am just too stubborn and want to do it myself when really I need to have help.
Why is it so hard to ask for help sometimes. The sad thing is that God intends for us to ask for help. If He hadn't intended on it He would have made us with the ability to do everything but He didn't.
While we were in Zacatecas we took the kids to a McDonalds. Hannah isn't quite big enough to climb on the playground equipment yet. Usually Josiah picks her up each level. For some reason this time Josiah decided to let her climb on him. It was the cutest sight. He was happy to help her and she looked so proud to be able to do it with her brothers help. They had a lot of fun working together.

This is how it should be in our lives also. We should both be happy to help and proud to acknowledge when we can't do it on our own and choose to ask for help.


Timbra said...

our phrase is "my do it" or "myshelf" (myself). . . . so yeah, we're there too!!!!

Guy & Nan said...

YAY for two year olds. Aspen is 22 months and she says, "all done" this means she is done with our help. I know that is funny. I stirred her yogurt this afternoon and she sat their rather patiently saying, "nanny, ok all done" It is cute but really does draw out the process!

Cherry said...

Rylee doesn't seem to want us to do anything. Well I take that back, she wants to do it herself, until she realizes she can't do something, then she asks us to do it! Kids are funny. Glad to see you guys are doing well.