Nov 3, 2008

What a week.

This week has been crazy! It was a great week but I am glad that we are back to "normal" life. We went trick or treating in our housing complex again this year. Halloween isn't really that big here but it is becoming more and more of a holiday every year. Once again Abigail was sleeping beauty.
Josiah was Superman.
Hannah was Jessie from ToyStory 2.
This week was cultural week at Josiahs school. Each classroom choose a country and studied it for the week. Josiahs classroom was Spain. They spent all week learning about the Spanish culture, food, art, music, dance etc. During the week they traveled to other classrooms (coutries) and learned about that culture. The school also brought in a lot of artists from around town. They brought in different martial arts, musicians, dancers etc. It was a really neat week. On Wed the classes performed in a singing competition. On Thursday they danced a traditional dance from their country. It was neat because the parents were invited to these events.
Josiah is in the back row, second from the left.
Because of Day of the Dead the kids were asked to make a skeleton out of recycled material. Here is a picture of Josiahs. It isn't at a very good angle but the legs and shirt are made out of juice boxes that are silver - it looked really cool. He named his skeleton "Pelon" which means bald.
On Friday the kids learned about Spanish sculptures. The idea was to bring two tubs of playdough per kid and allow them to copy a Spanish sculpture. Play dough is expensive here so I offered to make it for the class (28 kids) and save some money. I was told that they needed it on Friday so I could just drop it off at the school on Thursday or Friday morning. Well, since I didn't get around to making the playdough till 10 o'clock on Thursday night I took it in on Friday morning. When I arrived the teacher asked me to wait a minute until she got the tables rearranged. I thought it was a little wierd but I waited - all I was doing was dropping off playdough - right? Well, once she got the classroom set up like she wanted she introduced me to the class and explained to them that I was going to teach them how to make playdough. She also told them that I was going to tell them about Spanish sculptures and what they could make with their playdough. Oops wish I had studied up on Spanish sculptures a little more. I explained to the kids how to make the playdough then I had to ask the teacher for help because I hadn't prepared anything about Spanish sculptures. In the end the kids had a blast - although I am not sure they know much more about spanish sculptures than they previously did.
It was a little sad because some of the playdough turned out fine but some of it was super sticky and made a really big mess. Oh well. I talked to moms during the weekend and they said that their kids thought that the playdough was the best part of the week.
On Saturday morning Cory, Hannah and three of the AIMers left for Texas. They are doing an AIM presentation today and later in the week Cory is performing a wedding. They will be back early next week.

On Saturday morning Josiah and I went to a Mother/Child camping trip with the other 1st graders of his school. It was an absolute blast. We had so much fun. The weekend was conducted by a group that coordinates retreats like this all year around. It is led by 4 psychologists. The theme of the weekend was a pirate theme - with an emphasis on obedience and trust. One of the activaties was that Josiah got to paint my face and then I got to paint his. Josiah with his friend Ethan.
This was an activity we did on obedience and trust. I had to crawl while Josiah balanced a cup full of water on my back. It went fairly well until the boy in the blue shirt standing behind Josiah decided to come help Josiah and he pouded 1/4 of the cup on my back. The kid was a terror all weekend long. His mom watched him pour the water on me and she said nothing! When it was her turn she got soaked by her twins. It was a really fun game, after that Josiah got on his knees and I had to balance the water. This was a little hard because Josiah wanted to get wet!
We had planned on staying in a tent with some of Josiahs friends and their moms. The week before the school had a family camping trip and it was freezing so the moms decided they didn't want to do that again. Josiah and I were still planning on camping but their room had two extra beds in it so we ended up staying with them. It was a lot of fun.