Oct 6, 2008

Tree planting

Every year Starbucks has a re-forestation program. They plant trees in a nearby forest. This is our second year to attend. We didn't have as big of a turn out with church members this year because we only found out about it 5 days ahead. There were probably around 25 of us. Cory was out of town so I took the three kids and the AIMers and we had a good time. Hannah really thought it was fun and enjoyed getting the trees from me and dropping them into their holes.

I didn't get a picture of Josiah. He and his friend Quincy were on "tree police" duty. They went around making sure that the trees weren't getting stepped on etc.
So as you should know we are big time Red Sox fans. This is how Josiah woke me up yesterday morning. He worked so hard on it I thought it deserved being published on my blog. He made it out of magnetic letter and a board that my parents got him. He loves it and I think it is a great learning tool.

Heres a picture of the kids before they ate up their pink and blue pancakes with their initial on it.