Oct 1, 2008

Summer pics

Last night I was talking to my mother in law. She mentioned that she wished I would blog everyday. As much as I would love to both she and I know that there just isn't enough time in my day. She has motivated me to try and post more often but no promises it will be on a daily basis. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even reading the blog. Then, I hear about people that are reading it.
I was thinking that I had some stuff from the summer that I still hadn't posted.
We had a great time at my parents house in July. We were in South Dakota for a week. Being South Dakota there is a lot of snow but we obviously weren't there at the right time. Well, my parents had made snowballs and stored them in their deep freezer! So we ended up having a small snowball fight - lots of fun.

One of the greatest things about the summer was getting to spend time with people we love. Here is a picture of Hannah and Elizabeth. They had just gotten done swimming after the 4th of July parade.
Of course we had to go for a ride in dads 1949 Jeepster. He has worked really hard on this car it was in pretty bad shape when he bought it some 12 (more or less) years ago. We took the car for a spin to Dairy Queen (which was closed because it was the 4th of July). We ended up at another mom and pops ice cream shop.

This is a more recent picture. It is a picture of the hair that Abigail cut off of herself while doing homework. The section on the right was donated by her Cabbage Patch. It is pretty un-noticeable. In fact I had a really hard time figuring out where the hair had come from. One day as I was pulling the sides up into a ponytail I easily found the section she cut. It is a straight cut about 2-3 inches long on the back of her head at about ear level. Luckily there is hair on top of the part she cut so the only time you notice it is if her sides are pulled up.
Well, against my better judgement we are now owners of a Playstation 3 (Corys Birthday). Of course we also have guitar hero. The AIMers love it and so does Abigail. She is really cute when she plays it because she taps her food and rocks. We also got a guitar for Cory's dad for his fathers day/Birthday present. Watch out Papa you have competion!
Cory is still in Lubbock. He has been gone 6 days and will be back in 6 days. We are ready for him to be back but are glad that he is having a really good visit.


Timbra said...

i read your blog and i'm with your m.i.l. . . .we like to see you babies . . . love timbra