Oct 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

There are around 40 kids that live in our housing area. This year many of the kids were out of town since there wasn't school on Friday for many and there is no school on Monday. So, the few of us that were here trick or treated. These are the kids that started out 3 more joined us later.

Every year my friends and I make matching costumes for our three kids. They were all born within 5 months of eachother. This year we went with ghost. It was a lot of fun getting together with my friends and making the costumes. Then of course it was fun watching the kids together. Hannah is the ghost on the left.

This year Josiahs best friend (the brother of the middle ghost) bought Josiah a wrestling costume. Its for his birthday (Nov 17th) but he gave it to him early so they could dress alike for Halloween. His mom and I made the kids shirts with muscles and a few of the tattoos that Rey Misterio has.

Hannah loved her costume.
Abigail was the Little Mermaid in her wedding dress. For some reason right after I took this picture my neighbor decided to paint her eyes black. From then on she was known as Frankensteins bride.
Here are the 3 kids together.


Mike and Lucy said...

Love the costumes. Hope you all had a great time! We love you all!!