Jan 12, 2010


We had a great Christmas vacation in the states meeting new family members. Cory and I have 3 new nieces (1) and nephews (2). It was good to spend time with them. We also got to spend some time in San Antonio with our friends the Pruetts. It was really good to see them. They worked in Guadalajara with us and recently moved back to the states. We got back from the USA on Tuesday night and on Thursday Cory decided that we needed to take the AIMers on a retreat the following day. It really was necessary but somewhat shortnotice. We decided that if we waited till school and baseball were back in full swing we would end up never going on the retreat. So, before having unpacked from the trip to the USA I packed to go to the mountains.
We had a wonderful time. We have been to this location 3 previous times but we always had infants with us which added stress. It was nice to be able to relax this time and not worry that the kids were going to fall down the mountain or stairs etc. We had some good time with the AIMers evaluating plans for their last 5 months here.
It was pretty cold although not as cold as you guys in the USA. The guys worked really hard at getting a BIG fire in the fireplace and keeping it big. In 24 hours we went through 9 good sized bundles of wood.
The cabins we went to have recently added an obstacle course. My kids (including Cory) love it and had so much fun on in. I definately think that our family will be planning a trip back there.

Here is a picture of the cabin that we stayed in. Its 3 bedroom and fits 10 people.

Abigail on the course

Hannah loved climbing this but always got a little nervous once she got to the top.
Cory and Josiah during one of their MANY races There was beautiful nature all around us.