Oct 24, 2009

Virgen de Zapopan

October 12th is a special day in Guadalajara and Zapopan. (Zapopan is the actual city we live in). It is the day of the virgen de Zapopan.
The virgen de Zapopan is considered a very important virgen to the catholics in this area. She is a statue (I have been told made out of corn) measuring 25 cm. She was made by artisans in the state of Michoacan. They brought her here when Guadalajara was founded.
She is considered the main saint in this area. Throughout the year she travels to all the catholic cathedrals in the Guadalajara area. On October 12th she travels from the main cathedral in Guadalajara to her "home" cathedral in Zapopan. School is cancelled on this day. Thousands upon thousands of people line the streets between the two cathedrals.
There is a procession/parade that accompanies her between cathedrals.

Here she is. Like I said she is only 25 cm high (10 inches). She is enclosed in a bullet proof case atop of an altar.
Here is a picture of the crowd gathered to see her.

This is the cathedral of Zapopan.
Cory and the AIMers decided to go this year to see and learn. Cory came back with a very heavy heart. Confused by the dedication that these 10's of thousands of people were showing
this 10 inch doll.
Praise God that He is bigger than our wildest dreams and He is all powerfull. I am thankful that He is our creator and He is not made by human hands. Glad to know that my God doesn't need a bullet proof case to live in.