Oct 6, 2009

Independence Day

The 16th of September is Independence Day in Mexico. We had an all church get together on the night of the 15th. Even though the holiday is on the 16th they celebrate on the evening of the 15th. Most people stay up super late partying and then sleep in on the 16th. Our get together was planned to start at 7:00. We were waiting on some friends to arrive from Mexico City and ended up getting to the party at around 7:40. We were some of the first to arrive!! There were a lot of people at the party and it was really nice because some of our friends (not from church) attended also. We had a great dinner provided by 2 of the churches. Each church was incharge of one area - desserts, paper goods, drinks etc. After dinner we spent a good while singing and enjoying eachothers company.

Isn't this little baby adorable!!
Hannah was so proud of her flag on her face.

Abigail getting her fingernails painted red, white and green.


Mike and Lucy said...

Love all the dresses and colors on this day!

bathmate said...

Happy new year.
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