Sep 5, 2008

a little of this and that

So the kids have been in school for a few weeks now. I thought I would have so much more time to get stuff done around the house now that they aren't home in the mornings. I guess Hannah had decided the same thing. She had decided not to take naps anymore. I keep trying but all that ends up happening is she tears her room apart and has a really good time playing during "nap time". I then have more work to do that I had before nap time.
I keep thinking of things that I want to put on my blog but never manage to get it done. I wanted to let you in on a few cute? conversations I have had this past week.

Me "Josiah why are you acting like a kid!"
Josiah "Mom, I am a kid!"

Josiah has two teachers at school one for Spanish and one for English. The Spanish teacher had told me that Josiah had a problem with talking a lot during class. I talked to him about not talking while he is suppose to be working and that Miss Cati had talked to me about it. Then a few days later I got a note from the English teacher telling me that Josiah talks a lot during class and that I needed to talk to him about it. So, I asked Josiah what was going on. I had been asking him every day how he was doing about not talking and he said good. I asked him why he had been telling me that he was doing better but the teacher still wrote me a note. His response was "I didn't know I had to do that in English class too! I though it was just for Miss Catis class".

Me "Abigail you need to finish cleaning your room"
Abigail "My stomach hurts from all the cleaning I have been doing"
I told her since her stomach hurt she should probably go to bed without dinner because I didn't want her to get any sicker. (Don't worry she didn't starve and we had a really late big lunch that day)

The next day
Me "Abigail you need to clean your room"
Abigail "I think my throat is going to have Diarrhea" (bet you have never heard that one before)

I got sunburned at a ladies retreat two weeks ago. I was talking to a lady from my aerobics class about it. She assured me that she had the cure of all cures for burns. I was interested to hear about this since I use to work in a burn clinic. She informed me that I needed to collect Hannahs urine (she said urine from a young child). Then soak rags in the urine and wrap my legs (the sunburned area) with the urine soaked rags. The told me that I needed to sit with the rags on me until they dried up. Then keep soaking them and replacing them on my legs. She said I should do this for around 3 hours. She promised me that they wouldn't hurt or itch anymore after that! Personally I am too busy to find the time to collect my daughters urine and apply it on my legs for 3 hours. If any of you get burned and decide to try this method out please let me know how it works for you. Then I can contact the burn clinic and let them know about the new wonder cure.

We have another crazy weekend ahead. Both Josiah and Cory have baseball games. Cory and I are also participating in a parents soccer tournament at Josiahs school tomorrow morning. I just found a note and realized that we missed the meeting last night for those that were going to play. So, we signed up but might not actually play since we missed the meeting. We will show up and see what they say. Personally I wont be sad if I don't get to play. I have a pretty bad cold right now and anything more than sitting sounds stressfull to me.
Have a great weekend


Timbra said...

okay, so i thought the urine story was so funny (this would be the same kind of advice we would have gotten from someone in fiji, just a very interesting "miracle cure.") Anyway, i shared the story with mike, laughing through the whole thing and he said it was even funnier cuz your last name is Burns, so he thought the cure for all Burns was urine soaked rags and almost tried that on you when you were assistants together :0 (i might tell you here that he's had a total of 12 hours of sleep since tuesday, its 720 at night and he still has to face a room full of teenagers for the next two hours, so his sense of humor is a little stale at the moment). glad to hear from you as always.

Lady_Verlane said...

You have some great stories. Isn't it great to have small kids???? I have actually heard the urine for jellyfish, but hey, who knows.
I am sad you are sick, try to get rest (impossible right?) I also thought I could get more done since Maicah is in school also, but it has not happened.. that is ok.. Live is what you make of it.. I guess..
Hope all the rest of your week is good ---God Bless