Sep 10, 2008

Crazy day

So, Cory has gone out of town for two days. He took the AIMers to Mexico City to get their visas.
When the kids woke up yesterday they all had colds. Abigail was also sick with Mexico sickness. She ended up staying home from school.

I spent a good chunck of the morning organizing Josiahs room - totally gutted out the room and reorganized it. I, of course, kept checking on the girls who were downstairs watching TV. After a FEW minutes of silence Abigail yelled up to me "Mom, Hannah got into the kitchen and is making a mess!". We actually have a child gate on the kitchen door so that children can't get in the kitchen. Recently Hannah has taught herself how to climb over the gate. This makes for a really big problem since I haven't really childproofed my kitchen or Cory's office on the other side of the kitchen. Past the office is the laundry room - with bleach and all kinds of cleaners. Then theres the door to outside. Last week I was upstairs and thought I heard Hannah outside, I looked out and there she was as happy as could be visiting with the neighbors in her diaper. We definately are going to have to do something about this.

Back to my story, I ran downstairs to check on what Hannah was doing in the kitchen. She was standing by the cupboard where I have all my spices and FOOD COLORING. She was standing with a circle of food coloring drops all around her. Her hands were covered in red and blue. I quickly grabbed cleaner and papertowels and tackeled the mess. When I was finished I went into the living room and realized that I hadn't even begun! They had made a huge mess. Now, I am wishing that I would have gotten the camera out and taken a few pictures. What I can conclude using my CSI skills is this: They (Yes Abigail was very much involved in this) took the red and blue food coloring and walked from the kitchen to the couch, then to the dining room table, then outside in the back and then to the front door. Of course the whole time with the food coloring dripping everywhere. They also found a package of black pepper seeds. They put the pepper in a bowl and then doused the seeds in food coloring. After dying the seeds they spread them all over the living room and dining room. If that wasn't enough they also got a few packets of Koolaid and a few of Crystal light. They opened them and poured them out on the floor!!! They did all of this in no more than 10 minutes. So I got it all cleaned up - thankfully we have all tile except for one area rug which now has blue and red spots on it.

So, I cleaned everything up and walked over to the kitchen sink. Since we can not drink the water we have to buy big 20 liter jugs of purified water. We have three of them which we store on the floor right next to the sink. One was still sealed, one was empty and one was 1/3 full. Well, I guess they also chose to put food coloring in the jugs!! So I got that cleaned up. Then this morning I took Hannah to the downstairs bathroom and found blue food coloring on the bathroom counter and cabinet. Once again I got that all cleaned up.

Cleaning this up made me realize why God never gave me twins - I couldn't have handled it!! Sorry mom for all the things Jessica and I did when we were little - the Desitin all over the room and ourselves. The brand new lipstick all over the brand new couch etc.

Here is Hannah standing infront of the gate that she has learned to climb.

Abigail stayed home again from school today but I don't think its possible for them to make another mess like yesterday!


amazz said...! Toni, how did you not lose your mind with all of that?! If you were as calm as you seem in this post I need you to send some of that calmness up this way!!!!
Hope Abigail feels better soon and that you don't have any more messes like that to clean up!!

Angela Mazzolini

Timbra said...

today i found alani painting the house. . . thankfully she hadn't gotten too far. i'm glad to know that i'm not the only mom who thinks a baby gate on the kitchen entrance is a good idea. ours is just metal bars, the one like yours, i've heard. . lots of kids figure out how to put their little toes in the holes and get right over. ours are like prison bars so alani has to stand on one side shaking it and shouting. . . open it mama. . . to get in :) aren't kids awesome?!!!!

Monica B. said...

Ok, so I won't lie. Link and I laughed pretty hard. . . ok REALLY hard. . . what goes around comes around. Now as I was a perfect child ;) I'm sure experiences like this will never happen to me. Now in the case of Link, he was a bit mischevious, sooooooo Oh, no. I better start praying now. Love you guys!

Lady_Verlane said...

OH MY gosh.. I laughed first, but then realized how great of a mother you are to be so patient with your kids. To tell the truth I thought I had it bad with maicah taking off his diaper everywhere, but your story tops it... You seem to handle this really well Toni.... I think I may have gone mad... God Bless..Tana

Mike and Lucy said...

Wow. I must agree with Timbra that it is good to read other stories about Moms and messes and stuff that doesn't go as planned with kids. It is amazing how much they can do in just a few minutes with your head turned! My mom always warned me of it. Of course, Canaan is just starting to get ornery, but I'm sure we'll have lots more stories to tell as he and our new one (soon to be new) get into lots together! Thanks for sharing!