Aug 18, 2008

back to school

So, I feel like all I have done for a week is get stuff ready for school.

As most of you know our kids are in private school. That is really the only way to do it here since we are foreigners.

Public schools are really bad and we are thankful that we have great supporters that give us special funds for schooling. We couldn't do it without them - Thanks!

I was talking to a friend who has her children in the public school system. There is major overcrowding in the schools. They have a few different shifts each day. In one day a classroom might see 150 students. There are morning shifts, afternoon and evening shifts. My friend was telling me that her daughters class has 59 students in it!!! Can you imagine. Another friend of mine is running into problems because two of her sons got the morning shifts and her other son got the 2-6 shift. This means her older son (who is on Josiahs baseball team) will no longer be able to to play baseball or do any afterschool act.

Today Josiah had to go to the school and take all his school supplies and see the school. I got to go with him and it was really fun. They have a restaurant at the school so I took Josiah out for breakfast. He will not eat lunch there but he does eat a snack and he can get something everyonce in a while from the restaurant. It was fun to sit at the restaurant and realize just how blessed we are to get to have Josiah in a private school. I was thinking about my friend, while looking at Josiahs school, and how she was probably sitting in a long line waiting to beg for her son to get into school during the morning shift. We are truly blessed.

So, we have to buy all the kids textbooks etc. This is the quantity of stuff Josiah needed (there are 3 books missing)

48 colored pencils, 6 pencils, 6 red pencil, 9 notebooks, 4 glue sticks, 1 bottle of glue, 6 erasers, 2 pencil sharpeners, 15 textbooks, 2 folders, 1 pack of copy paper, 2 packs of clay, 2 scissors,1 ruler, 2 paintbrushes, 1 walkman, 1 set of watercolors, 1 puzzle, 1 board game, 1 pack of colored paper, 1 pack of foamy, 1 box of kleenex, 1 box of babywipes, 2 clear folders, 2 packs of notecards, 5 uniforms, back pack, and lunchbox.

All the books have to be covered with contak paper. The notebooks have to first be covered with colored paper (depending on the subject) then with contak. All the other supplies have to have his name on it. Needless to say I have been spending the last week or so getting school supplies ready. I am glad it is over.

Abigail also started school today. I need to go pick her up in 45 minutes. She was so excited.

We are so blessed to have three great kids. Thanks to all of you that support us and make it possible for our kids to get a good education. Love you!


Charaleigh said...
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Kara Lane said...

Wow, what a lot of work. I have been talking to Kim about her kids beginning school too. I love to hear all the stories about what it is like and everything. God is amazing how He provides for us all with everything we need, from homes to schools, and everything else. Take care!

Lady_Verlane said...

I feel you. This year we did the same thing for Emma and Maicah (he is in maternal, but still had to have tons of books...) It is a blessing to have supporters that love our children and want to send them to good schools with us... see you soon--tana