Sep 20, 2008

School uniforms

I have been intending on putting these pictures up for a while. Some of you have been asking about the kids school uniforms. Josiah has "dress up" day on Monday and Tuesday-Friday are soccer uniforms. Abigail has a uniform for three days of the week and then the other two days she wears a gym uniform.

Here is the picture of us getting out trophy when we won the mothers soccer tournament. We are actually working on forming a womens team that will play against other schools.


Anonymous said...

Soo cool. I wish our kids school did the mothers soccer.. We do fancy dinners and breakfasts and all the mothers wear dresses and tons of makeup. I of course don't play much soccer,but I think I would feel better than dressing up for the parties.... Oh well. The kids look soo cute. I love uniforms. - love, Tana

Anonymous said...

I printed the pictures of your kids and gave them to Lena Powell.
She said she had talked to you.
How are our aimers doing?
We are really enjoying the Bruce Baird family working with us now.
Give those kids and Cory a hug.
Our love,

Mike and Lucy said...

Wow. I didn't know the kids had different uniforms for different days. Sounds confusing! :) And congrats on the soccer mom's trophy. That is cool! I hope you are enjoying it! We love you all and love reading up on your blogs and about how you are doing. Did you get something from us when you were in the States? We left it with my parents, but I am afraid they might have forgotten to get it to Monica to give you. If not, we'll try to have it mailed to you. We brought it back in March, but you know how all that goes...! We love you.

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