Jun 22, 2009


A few weeks ago my twin sister and her family came to visit us. It was a great trip. It was the first time our 3 year old niece had been to Mexico. We had a fun time showing her the sights. The day after they arrived we left and went to the beach. It is only a few hours away so we left here in the morning and were there in time to eat a late lunch. Here are some pictures of the second day we were there. At night time they have a kids "disco". The kids exercise to a few songs and then have a competition. Each night its a different competition but this time it was hot potato. There were only two kids besides our four. Abigail ended up winning and she got a t-shirt which she is pretty proud of.

After the kids disco we headed up to the room. This is what Hannah looked like about 10 minutes after getting to the room. She was so tired, she fell asleep sitting up.
The resort has a really cool open air restaurant. The only problem is the birds! Josiah was feeling pretty big because we would let him get the food by himself (its a buffet style). One day he came to the table with his donuts that he had choosen for dessert. Well one of the donuts had a big hole on the side of it. We soon realized it had been made by a bird. So we put it on a tray and quickly another bird came to eat it.
We tried getting a picture of all four kids burried in the sand but the 3 year olds didn't really think it was a good idea so here are the two big kids.


Carolyn said...

Hey Ton - Nice to see your updates - looked like a fun beach trip. No pics of Elizabeth? :) DId you guys have a good visit?

I guess you guys are gearing up for a trip to the states too. When do you leave? Where are you all going? Maybe we will see each other somewhere!

amazz said...

Looks like you had a great time!! I miss being so close to a beach! :)