Jun 22, 2009


We went out to the beach at around 9 in the morning and this is what the beach looked like. We were the only people out. Its kinda sad because between the bad economy and the N1H1 flu tourism is really suffering in Mexico right now. With tourism down so much the hotels are running some amazing deals. The resort we always stay at (its actually where we honeymooned 10 year ago next month) is running some great deals right now. If you are interested in the resort please contact me, I can hook you up with some great deals. Right now I believe the hotel is charging $45 a night per adult all inclusive!!! Yes all inclusive that means your hotel room, all your food and beverages, non motorized sports (bikes, kayaks, tennis etc). Kids under 6 are free and 7-13 half price. Seriously its a great time to come because the resorts aren't packed and the prices are amazing!!

We would love for you to come visit!!!


Timbra said...

if only if only. . . would LOVE a Mexican seaside vacation at the moment :) Sad about the economy and tourism though. Fiji is suffering really hard times becuase of the govt, which has taken tourism down tremendously, which is their major $ maker. . . anyway. . . looks like a great time!!!

David and Olivia said...

LOVE the cute pictures of your kids at the end. Glad you guys are getting some time away at the beach! Enjoy it. Wish we could come too!! :)