Aug 9, 2009

We just got back from a month long visit to the states. It was fun but also a lot of work. A few days before we left Mexico we found out that our renters (we have a rent house in Lubbock TX) had moved out and left our house a disaster. The truth is they had been living in absolutely horible conditions. There was urine all over the walls and two of the bedrooms carpet was urine soaked. There were handprints of fecal mater on the bathroom walls. Pizza in the airconditioning fan??? Food on the walls and every rooms carpet had stains from red, orange and brown soda. It was horrible. Anyway a large amount of time and money was put into fixing the house up. It was very frustrating. It is back on the market and we are fervently praying that we can get renters in it soon.

We visited churches that support us in Clovis (NM), Lubbock (TX), Tulia (TX), and Yukon (OK). We also visited a few families that support us in Texas. We were thankful to get to see so many of you but sorry we didn't get to see all of you. Next time when things aren't so hectic with the house!

We have made it a family tradition to take a few days off for a family vacation and see the Red Sox play. Every year so far we have been able to either see them in Houston or Dallas. This year they were in Dallas. We had a great time at the game. A family in Dallas gifted us with tickets which made it even more fun!

We enjoy going to the World Acquarium when we are in Dallas. So, the day after the game we got up, ate breakfast and were heading off to the acquarium. As we were pulling out of the hotel we could see 6 flags. We had previously decided that the kids were probably too young for 6 flags and maybe in a few years we would go. Something got into us and we decided to ditch the acquarium and go to 6 flags instead. We turned the car around and cought the hotel shuttle to 6 flags. It was one of the funnest days! The kids loved it. They had rides for every age. About an hour after we got there we saw some carnival games. I never play the games, they are a waste of money! Well, we saw this big monkey. My little sister is about to have her first son and wants to decorate the room with monkeys. Cory just had to win that monkey for Levi. Well, he did! The funny thing is that we had to drag that monkey around the park all day long! We took pictures of him hanging out with us.
Facebook is giving me a hard time with the pictures and isn't allowing me to arrange them in the order that I would like. Sorry that they aren't in order but I am tired of messing with it.
This is a picture of Hannah on the way back to Mexico. My parents bought the kids a coloring book set that we thought came with crayons we later found out it was markers. I heard laughing from the back and turned around and saw Abigail coloring Hannahs face!
So, while visiting some friends in Childress, Texas, we went to look at their German Shepherd puppies. Somehow a week later we owned one! Everyone in the family is really excited except one. He has been really good for the kids. Hannah loves him and calls him her "my baby" and her "bubba". She has taken it upon herself to give him treats. We have cought her many times sneaking treats to him.
A few days ago the kids were swimming and Youkilis (the dog - named after a Red Sox player) ended up joining them. It was really funny. Sorry the pictures aren't in order.
Here are my parents dog, my sisters dog and Youkilis playing.


David and Olivia said...

Sounds like a great holiday in the states! Hope you guys are rested up since then. That's awful to hear about your rent house. We'll be praying your next renters will be better!


Enjoyed catching up with you guys on your blog. Sure wish we could have seen you when you came through Childress.


ECS said...

Hey Toni....Just saw your comments on our blog. Glad to here you made it safely home. I am a big Boston fank and Youk is a great name for the dog. Assume he has a wild wind up!!!

Mike and Lucy said...

Glad your trip went so well. Again, so sorry about the house. I hope the dog is working out for you and you are having so much fun with him/her! Your kids just look so big in the pictures, I can't believe how fast they grow up. We pray for you and love you all!