Jan 8, 2009


I am so grumpy today. I hate these kind of days. I am sick and tired of bad news.
One of my very good friends house was robbed a week and a half ago. They are a very humble family and didn't have much to rob but the little they had was taken from them. They no longer feel safe in their home and don't feel safe leaving it either.
Another friend had his car stollen last week.
We have a friend named Javier. He works in our housing unit and is very poor. His son washes cars on the streets to make money for his wife and two kids. He charges a few dollars per car and is barely making ends meat. While washing one of the cars another car hit the car and left the scene. The owner of the car is holding him responsible and making him pay for the repair of the car.
Last night we had the AIMers over and one of their friends (Bryan) joined us. We found out that over the Christmas holidays his aunt was kidnapped. It has been almost a month now. The family has handed over $325,000 and still haven't gotten her back. They were told that everything would be resolved this week. Please be praying for this family. She has three kids (in their 20's). My prayer is that she be returned and that she isn't being mistreated. I will let you know when anything changes.
I would also like to ask you to pray for Mitzi Brown she is a friend of ours from Lubbock. She is very sick and things aren't looking good. I heard a few minutes ago that things are going downhill. She comes from a very good family that has always been so kind and generous to others. She is very important to so many people. She has two young chidlren.
I thank God for the health and safety he has given my family.
Please, please take some time today to pray for these people.

Thank you to all of you that are faithful and check my blog way more than I update it. I look forward to writting about our Christmas break at another time.


Justin Cherry said...

Toni...We are definitely praying for all your friends. That is definitely hard situations. We are praying for you guys as well, as you work to best be Christ to those around you.



David and Olivia said...

We're praying for them and for you guys to have the strength and wisdom to know how to help those you are close to there.