Jan 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

I fill like my life gets crazier and crazier every day. Hannah has decided to stop taking naps as of November so I think that is part of what is contributing to the increase of craziness. Usually while she took her nap was when I got quiet time, cleaned house, did laundry etc. Now I am trying to do all of that with her following me around and it doesn't work as well. We do get a lot of really fun playing time together though. Yesterday the chores were neglected so that we could play cat and dog for an hour. She loved following me around the house barking and meowing. I didn't much like it when she decided to start giving me dog kisses.

We are also working on potty training but it isn't going so well - mainly my fault.

An update on some of the information that I had in my last post. Javier - the guy who was washing a car and while he was washing the car another car hit it and ran. He is in Jail now. He was taken to court and found responsible for the damages which are around $500 - this is around 5 weeks of his normal salary. He will be in jail until the money is payed. His dad was baptised a few years ago but hasn't been going to church. He often works on Sundays or spends the day with his family, I pray that this situation might bring him back to church. The churches are currently in prayer about his situation. Often the church is asked to help with money to get out of these kinds of situations but decides not to help because it is reafirming a corrupt government. The truth is that Javier shouldn't be in jail nor should he be held responsible for the damages no more than any witness to an accident. In this culture usually the upperclass controls the lower class no matter who is right and who is wrong. Please be praying for this situation. In the past we have seen judges change their minds and reverse their rulings.

Our friend Mitzi is still holding on. All of her organs other than her heart and brain have shut down. She is still on life support. My understanding is that she is ina drug induced coma but is taken out of it occasionally. They have been able to communicate and she has let them know that she is willing to fight for her life. Continue to pray for her family. She has a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. Like I said before her family is such a good, caring, serving, loving family.

Our friend Brayan whose Aunt was kidnapped: there has been no new news. They haven't heard from the kidnappers as far as we know. Its not something we bring up with Brayan but we know he will tell us if there are any new developments. Tonight Cory and the AIMers are going to a Chivas game with Brayan and his cousin (the daughter of the lady who was kidnapped).

The kids are doing well and growing so fast. Josiah still loves first grade and is giving his teacher a run for her money. I feel like he has a little Denis the Menice in him but at times I really think he is just a little boy clueless to the world around him. This week he got in trouble 3 times that I know of at school. One of the time he got a sucker taken away from the director of the school. They sell the suckers in the school cafeteria and I am still not clear on why he got it taken away. He just told me he isn't allowed to buy those anymore. The good thing is that he usually tells me about it first thing when he gets out of school. A few days ago he told me that he hit a girl on the head with an eraser. He said that two other kids were having an eraser fight and that one of the erasers landed by him and he just wanted to return it to the owner but that he threw it and it hit his classmate on the head. Oops. He got in trouble yesterday because he didn't know it was time to line up to go inside from recess and he was still playing when they headed in to the classroom.

Abigail loves school and is still planning her upcoming Birthday - an ongoing thing. She spends every day of her life planning her future party.

Well, its Saturday which means baseball for our family. Baseball season is year round in Mexico. Little league takes a one month break for Christmas and a one month break in the summer. Josiah has a game in a few hours. Cory is also in baseball but it doesn't start up for another week or two. Thanks for reading


Timbra said...

i'm blessed to still have a napper. . . even if sometimes that isn't until 4 or 5 in the evening some days. i only have ONE child and i wouldn't get a THING done if i didn't get that hour at some point during the day, so I feel for you. sorry to hear about all the difficult things going on, all of these situations will be in our prayers.