May 5, 2008

5 de Mayo

As most of you know today is 5 de Mayo. The interesting thing is that there are a few misconceptions about this holiday. Many Americans think that today is Mexican Independence Day. Wrong, Sept 16th is Independence Day. 5 de Mayo is the celebration of when the Mexican Army kept the French army from invading. They won the battle against the French in the state of Puebla. Puebla is the only area in Mexico that really celebrates 5 de Mayo as a holiday.

On April 30th we celebrated Kids Day. You know Mothers Day, Fathers Day - why not a Kids Day? I think its kinda funny because here every day is kids day. Mexicans are very good at catering to kids needs and wants. Many times a native has given my child a candy to make sure they won't throw a fit. One time Abigail was upset about not having a certain candy and we were so emberassed we took her in the house to discipline her. Within one minute the doorbell rang and our neighbor had gone to his house to get her the candy she wanted!! Anyway April 30th is they day they choose to celebrate children. They were allowed to dress up for school. I had put curlers in Abigails hair because she planned on being Jazele from Enchanted. That morning I told her that she reminded me of Dona Florinda a character on a mexican show name Chavo del Ocho. Recently the characters from this show have been the toys for Happy Meals at McDonalds. She knew exactly who I was talking about and she decided that is who she wanted to dress up like. Luckily it was a pretty easy constume to throw together and I didn't have to fix her hair.

Josiah once again choose to be Spiderman.
Hannah just wore a Cinderella dress. Sometime in the afternoon I was downstairs and she was calling me. I told her to come downstairs and tell me what she needed instead of yelling at me. She kept yelling. When I finally gave in and went upstairs I realized why she hadn't come down. She was stuck in the laundry basket.



Love the pictures of the kids. You do such a good job adding pictures to your posts.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your family is doing well. We are all doing great.
My 10 year old grandson was telling me about 5 de Mayo. The Square had been closed off last Saturday for 5 de Mayo celebration. My 7 year old grandson asked what they were celebrating. Cole proceeded to tell us the story of the battle.

We are excited at Central - Bruce Baird is moving from Alaska in July to be our preacher. He, Amanda, and the four children.
Love to all your family,

Mike & Lucy said...

That is so funny about Abigail being stuck in the basket. I can just imagine you saying, "Hold on another minute sweety. Mommy will get you out after I go get the camera and take a picture!" And Josiah does look adorable with his missing teeth! It is interesting to me how much teeth play a roll in our appearance. I don't think I ever noticed it so much until Canaan started getting teeth. I think it changes his appearance so much!

Janet said...

We loved watching the show Chavo del Ocho when we lived in Brazil! They called it Chaves, but kept it in Spanish. It used real people. Is it a cartoon now, or is that just how it's advertised?