May 13, 2008

We had a very fun weekend. The 5 churches that we work with in Guadalajara and surrounding area got together for the annual retreat. There were around 80 in attendance which I thought was a great number. Mothers Day was Saturday and many families were not able to attend because of that. Mothers Day is a very important day here and everyone wanted to be with their mothers.
The retreat was a lot of fun and it was very encouraging. I am including a few pictures to help you see what the weekend was like.

On Sunday after worship there were two baptisms. It was great. These two women that were baptised have a great story to tell. Their family (extended) has had a ton of problems. Even as recent as 6 months ago they were not in speaking terms and had nothing to do with eachother. Now they are living in the same house and becoming good friends. It is amazing the changes that have been happening in their lives.

Each church was in charge of a meal. The church in zero del cuatro was incharge of Sunday lunch. They made Barbacoa. Sounds a lot like barbeque but that is not what it is. It is a soup made out of vegetables and goat or lamb. The meat and vegetables all cook together. They are served seperately. The meat is removed and served on the side to be eaten with tortillas. The kids really enjoyed it and so did I. Here is a picture of Abigail enjoying the "meat on a bone" as she likes to call it.

This is what was left in the pan after we were done eating. I was informed that they will not waste any of the meat. They were going go clean up the rest of the skull (remove the tongue, and any meat that might be in and around it. They were also going to eat the other organs that are not pictured! It really was tasty.

Last night Josiah lost another tooth. I think he looks adorable and just wanted to share a picture with you.



Great pictures. The kids are growing up. And the skull picture rocked. We saw one like this in a taco stand in Mexico City and all the kids talked about the rest of the day was "the skull."