Feb 4, 2008

Endless day, Lite Bright, Mexican Constitution and much more

Do you ever have one of those days when you just wish it would end. Today I kept catching myself thinking "is it not over yet!!". The kids are in bed and things are winding down so I am feeling better about the day.

Every year the water company turns the water off for a few days to work on pipes. Well, somehow everyone but me knew that it was this past week. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal except I had set Friday aside to do laundry, wash sheets, towels etc. I found out on Thursday night that the water was going to be turned off so I stayed up till 1 o'clock getting laundry done. We have a tank under our house that holds a few days worth of water in it, so its not like we were completely out of water but we did have to be very careful about not using much or we would completely run out. It came back on today (one day earlier than scheduled). I'm just glad that they didn't turn it off next weekend since we will have 30 supporters visiting.

Today there was no school for the kids. The 5th of February is the anniversary of the signing of the Mexican Constitution (1917). They took today off instead of tomorrow since it fit better with the weekend.

The kids had a great time playing in Josiahs room today. They didn't make much of a mess but I told them they needed to clean up before they came to eat lunch. I explained that lunch was ready and Hannah and I were going to go a head and eat, they could join us when they were done. 3 hours later they still hadn't eaten lunch. Not only had they not eaten lunch they got out every toy that hadn't previously been out. I tried all my love and logic tactics and tried to stay calm. Not much was accomplished. I was downstairs listening to them "clean up" while they were murmering how bad it is to be in this family, they didn't want to clean up etc. The next thing I know Abigail is screaming that she can't breath. Well, I know she can breath or she wouldn't be able to scream. Josiah tells me to call the ambulance because Abigail was dying. I went upstairs and found out that Abigail had shoved a lite bright peg up her nose.

I tried to get it out myself but she had stuck it in pretty far. She told me it was a red one and that she wanted to pretend that she had a bloody nose!! Luckily my next door neighbor is a surgeon and he was able to get it out. She was much calmer with him than she was with me when I was trying to get it out.

This weekend we are having a sponsors weekend. There are going to be 30 supporters here representing the churches and individuals that support the 5 families involved in our work. We are really excited about the weekend and know it is going to be a really great time. There is a lot of work that goes into getting the weekend planned though. We are looking forward to the weekend but will be oh so relieved when it is over. We will drop our last group off at the airport on Monday and head straight to Mexico City. The AIMers will be there on their annual trip and we want to join them and get some time with our AIMers. The kids are super excited they were drawing pictures to give to the AIMers this morning.

I thought I would throw in some pictures of the kids at their Little League on Saturday. Josiah loves playing baseball and is getting pretty good at it. His team is called the "Aztecas". The way it works is they have a baseball "school" that they start all kids off at. They have been in this since August. This weekend they will officially graduate into Little League. They will get their uniforms and have to start following stricter rules. We are excited about it. I will post pictures later of him in his uniform.

Abigail is also playing but with much less interest than Josiah is. She will be staying in the baseball school until next year.
There are two families on our team that we have started getting really close to. They are really neat people and we would love to minister to them. Please keep them in your prayers. I will try and keep you updated on them.
Well, I feel like this post is very long so I will not make it longer with my normal Monday Mexico fact.



The fighting Aztecs ... cool name. Loved the pictures.

Guy & Nan said...

Your light bright story made me laugh..I am sure it was not funny at the time. We went to Ark. this last week and Guy's best friend said his little boy who is Aspen's age ate a blue light bright and they didn't know until they saw it in his diaper. I was thinking...I wonder what Aspen has swallowed that I do not even know about! :-) (ignorance is bliss) - Nan

Anonymous said...

So glad you are going to Mexico City and get to meet your aimers.
They are a great group. We are disappointed we do not have them very long this semester.
Your kids remind me of Melissa's kids- very "adventurous".
Enjoy your blogs.
Love to all,

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness - sounds like an adventuresome day!!!! Loved her logic though - just wanted to pretend I had a bloody nose!

See you soon!


Lady_Verlane said...

Umm the fun with kids and their noses.... Emma once put a mint up hers, I had a lot of fun trying to pull that out, then she would sniff it up further and scream that it burned... it is not funny at the time, but always funny later. Hope the weekend goes well. We will go to see the Aimers on Sat, but then we have to be back in Leon. Sorry we will miss you, Tana

Caleb said...

It probably comes as no surprise, but Tyler had to go to the emergency room twice when he was little because he shoved tiny lego pieces into his nose! So, hopfully you won't have another light-bright incident any time soon. Ouch!

Jeff said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have added your blog feed to . If you would rather not be included, just let me know.

I will probably also be adding this same thing to the AIM site soon as well.

If you know of other Alumni that have blogs please let me know.

Jeff Rader

Mike & Lucy said...

I laughed at your stories. What a day! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, like my overflowing our bathroom story, but it makes a great one to blog about!
Yes, I am with Nan. Abigail was being so imaginative and creative!! Dougle laughed and then said, "And you want more of those (kids)?" He would rather stick with just one, but we've agreed on two, for my sake!
Love you guys and we love hearing and reading about you.

Cherry said...


I can't wait till we can show people our life on the mission field. You guys look like you having fun and living a life for Christ in Mexico. May God continue to bless your work.

Justin Cherry

Matt said...

Toni, I laughed at the lite bright story, Crystal is still laughing. Much like Nancy I too have wondered what my kids have eaten, stuck in odd places, etc. Be careful, Jon, my little bro., was always trying to be funny like that, and had the great idea to bust out one of the soda indicators on a Allsups cup lids and put it in his eye, OUCH!!! We had to go to the ER and the doctors even laughed. Nice to find you blog.

AussieinAmerica said...

Sounds like a fun day with the cleaning and the nose problem :)

Children are an endless source of entertaiment aren't they?

Hope all is well.