Feb 19, 2008


So, I haven't been great about blogging lately. Sorry. I will hit on a few highlights of the past two weeks with plans to later comment more on a few of the things.

We have had a crazy last 3 or 4 weeks. We worked really hard on planning a sponsors weekend. There were 28 supporters that visited us for a 4 day weekend. We had a great time but ended up worn out. We took the last group to the airport on Monday and headed to Mexico City straight from there. We went to Mexico City to meet our new AIMers. We were so excited to get to know them. The kids loved them and can't wait for them to move here. We had a great visit with them but it was way to short. We stayed with Care and Benjy while we were there and as always had a great time being around them and their boys.
Oh, ya, while we were having our supporters weekend our car got broken into and they stole Cory's i-pod, personal computer and a few other things. They broke the lock off of the door which we just got replaced today.
So, we got back from Mexico City in time for Josiah to eat, shower and go to an entrance exam! Yes he is going into elementary next year and here you have to take entrance exams to get into first grade! I will write more about this later in the week. We will get the results back on Thursday and find out if he was accepted.
Saturday we had baseball and Josiah got invited to be on the Zapopan (our city - we don't actually live in Guadalajara) selection team! I had to keep myself from laughing when they were telling me about it. Anyone that knows my son knows that he isn't the most coordinated child. He does love baseball though and he plays pretty well.

Speaking of baseball, our family is BIG Red Sox fans. Cory has been a fan since he was a child, I have been a fan since I married Cory and well the kids haven't had much choice - they have been fans all their lives. Josiah knows the players names, positions etc. The Red Sox are going to be playing in Houston the last weekend of June. We were already planning on being in that area in July so we just changed our plans a little. We went to buy tickets and you can't just buy tickets because the game is in such high demand. So, we had to enter our names into a lottery for a chance to buy tickets. Only one entry per person so we enlisted all our friends and family. Well, my parents got sellected so they got us tickets!! We are so excited, Josiah can't wait and I keep thinking it would have been better if I would have waited to tell him about it. June is far away and he keeps asking if we are going soon.

Later on in the week I will try and post a cultural post for you AIM guys and anyone else that likes to learn about Mexican culture.



Congrats on the tickets. The Red Sox are a big draw. We went with the Henderson's last fall to a Braves/Astros game. It was a blast. Houston has a great ball park.


Mike & Lucy said...

I am glad you are back. I hope you have been able to grab some rest since your past few busy weeks.
That is too bad about Cory's computer and I-Pod. That sounds like just what happened when our car was broken into- though my parents' homeowners' insurance took care of most of it. I hope you all can get some money back and get it all replaced soon!
We love the updates. Keep them coming when you have a spare moment. I am excited to hear about Josiah's entrance exams.

Lady_Verlane said...

I am glad you all had a good time with your Aimers. We did too. I am sorry about the car being broke into, I know how frustrating it can be. We thought we were safe here in Leon, and the other day we were at the Aim girls house and heard the neighbor's dog go crazy. when we got out the mirrors of the car were stolen (of all the things) and the lock had been tampered with, but the dog had scared them off I guess... We still had to replace it all. I know how id can just frustrate, but God blesses... Hope all else is well. Tana

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. What a great bunch of aimers you got to meet.
Sorry about break-in. How is the
noise and parties at your complex?
Glad you got tickets to the baseball game. I was telling one of the aimers the other day about when you and Mike Wiist were co-ordinators. I told them of the time we were discussing the super bowl and Mike said you will have to ask Toni about sports. He said she keeps up with that-I don't know anything about it.
Love your culture info,

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your blod site in the latest newsletter from Sunset. I hope you,Cory and the kids are doing okay. I don't have a blog site but I am on myspace and have a e-mail account. My e-mail address is

Matt said...

you are Going to an Astro's game that is cool, in fact one of my "folks"/clients is the nephew of the owner Drake McLane. Sorry to hear about Cory's I-pod.