Jan 28, 2008

Monday again!

My how time flies. Well, when I first had the idea to post an interesting fact about Mexico every Monday I had a million ideas. Now, just a few weeks into it I feel like I am running short on ideas. Or at least of interesting ideas!

I think today I am going to talk about food in Guadalajara.
Guadalajara is famous for a few dishes. The first dish is:
A Torta ahogada (literally "drowned sandwich" in local Spanish) is a typical dish from the Mexican state of Jalisco, particularly in the city of Guadalajara. Although it is popular in some other parts of Mexico, it is more popular in Jalisco than anywhere else. It is called "drowned" because the sandwich is submerged totally or partially in a sauce made primarily of a dried chili pepper called de árbol. Their flavor, when "well drowned" is so spicy that only people accustomed to eating hot chili peppers are able enjoy their flavor. Less spicy versions of the sandwich, made with a tomato-based sauce are also available.
Tortas ahogadas are made with birote bread (also called bolillo) characteristic of the region. The bread has a thick, crunchy crust and softer interior which is more salty than sweet. The consistency of the bread permits the sandwich to be submerged in sauce without being destroyed. The bread is sliced open on one side and the sandwich is filled with chopped, fried pork. Fillings of chicken, beans and cheese are sometimes available. The sandwiches are served with onion rings, radishes, avocados and chili peppers. (wikipedia)
Definatelly one of the messiest foods to eat but well worth every bit of it.

The second dish that Guadalajara is famous for is Carne en su jugo (Meat in its juice).
This is definitely on the top of my family's list of favorites.
It is a dish made of thinly sliced beef, onions, salsa verde, beans and bacon. The dish is served with bacon bits, onions, cilantro and lime.
One of the most famous restaurants that serve carne en su jugo is Karne Garibaldi. In August of 1996 they entered the Guinness book of world records as being the fastest restaurant in the world. The record was 13.5 seconds from time of ordering to time of service of food. Pretty fast! You must take into account that there are really only 4 items on their menu - small Karne, Large Karne, hot or mild.

I promise that if you come and visit our family you will eat at least one of these meals.



You are killing me. OH, that looked SO good!

Mike & Lucy said...

Thanks for your comments. I think that your parents raised 3 pretty terrific girls themselves! My mom went to Monica's talk in their "girls" series on modesty and said she did a great job. I think it is really cool that they are doing that little series.
Anyway, enjoy all that good food for us!

Stacy said...

Yum! Wish I could try that.

Hope you are all having a good week,

Jessica Hasten said...

Hi Toni -

Not sure if you remember me - I knew you back at Sunset when I was in college at Tech. Anyway, I saw a link to your blog on Anyssa's blog. I am so excited about your adventure of living in Mexico. When I left Lubbock, I think you only had Josiah. I am so happy for you having two other children!

Here is a link to my blog:

I live and work in Dallas but spent the summer working in Germany at my firm's German office so I started a blog for my adventures.

God bless you in Mexico!

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Man that looked good. We may have to make a trip to Mexico soon :) Well that is after the baby is born Wow, the baby I still freak out a little bit haha :)

Lady_Verlane said...

I love those two dishes...... we have them here, but they always seem to taste better when we eat them in Guadalajara...hope you are having a good week, Tana