Jan 21, 2008

Plastic Surgery

Ok, its time to write a little more about Guadalajara and its culture.
Todays topic is plastic surgery. Probably not something you think of when you think of Mexico right? Well, other than Rio de Janairo, Guadalajara has the most plastic surgeons per capita than any other city. More plastic surgery is performed in Guadalajara than any other city, other than Rio de Janairo.
Because of a few different factors doctors can charge much cheaper prices. They say plastic surgery in Guadalajara costs about 1/4 of what it costs in the states.
Since the prices are so cheap, people are flocking in from the United States to have plastic surgery performed on them. They even have agencies that will sell "packages" including flights, transportation from the airport, transportation to doctors visits and hospital, housing and food.
Not only are Americans coming to Guadalajara for surgery but the Tapatios (people from Guadalajara) are getting plastic surgery performed. One article I read states "We say that no one is unattractive in Guadalajara," jokes Martha Venegas, a resident. "There are poor people but no ugly ones." Even the poorest people can get plastic surgery perfomed on them at the government hospital. They are charged a very minimal fee.
Just in the past 14 months I can name 4 of my friends from my "coto" that have had plastic surgery. It is a very big trend right now. Appearance is very important here which is part of why there are so many plastic surgeons.
I have attached a link incase anyone wants to read more about it. I think it is an interesting article.


Stacy said...

Hi Toni,
I did not know that about Guadalajara. Wow.

I hope things are working out with the "party place" near your home.

Take care,

Lady_Verlane said...

ok. I am having too much fun reading your blogs... I did not know that.... I like this idea about explaining new things... But I am too lazy to do it so I will enjoy yours. On a serious note, I see that you guys are working hard, lots of ministries, keep up the good work and the good blog entries... love, Tana

Liss and MOMMY said...

Hey Toni,
My dad was trying to get in touch with you guys and didn't know how. You may have his e-mail I am not sure. Let me know if you don't or e-mail me yours and I will get it to him. Computers are not his strong point, I guess he's got to have a weakness somewhere. Love the new updates on Mexico it is very interesting. I always tell Cody we should pick up and move to Mexico and do medical mission work. He thinks once a year is good. Talk to you soon, Melissa

Missanyss said...

Wow! I knew people traveled outside the USA to have health related surgeries, but I didn't know about the plastic surgery? Have any of them been fatal?
I love your new template. I read your "Blessings" blog and it inspired me to think about the ways that I'm blessed in my life. I love getting to look at your blog and see you and Cory living your dream in the mission field. The kids are so sweet! The last picture I took when I was with ya'll was at the Alburtis ranch and Abigail was just a baby!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited to have the Guadalajara team here at Tulia this
semester. It is exciting getting acquainted with them before they leave to spend time you guys.

I have enjoyed reading your blogs, especially the new information about Mexico. Sorry I haven't written more. I seem to be doing good if I get your blog read.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. May God continue to bless you.
My love,