Jul 29, 2007

group visit

We are having a good weekend with the group that is here. They are from Denver City and Comanche Trail in Amarillo. The kids have really impressed me they are really hard workers. I haven't heard a single complaint and they are eager to eat the food. It is always refreshing to have groups like this.
One of the great blessings of the group is that our friends Linda and Jenny Merritt (from Hart) were able to tag along. Linda's daughter is an AIMer in Leon and she was also able to join the group for a few days. We have known the Merritt family for 11 years now. It has been fun to watch their kids grow up and become mature Christians. Today after we had dropped J'Lae off at the bus station to return to Leon we (Linda, Jenny, and I) were talking about how hard it is to live so far from the ones you love. We were talking about the way we tend to wish we were somewhere else or doing something else (at least when things aren't how we want them to be). I was blessed when Jenny pulled out her Bible and read a verse in Ecclesiastes ( I will get the actual verse later - sorry I tried finding it and wasn't able). The verse speaks about not wanting to return to the good old days but to live in the moment. I know God wants us to be happy and content with what we have but how sad it would be if we didn't long for something better than what we have in this world.

Josiah likes to talk about Jesus coming back, only then will we really know what it is like to really be content and only then should we be done looking to be better. I am thankful that God has blessed my family with the opportunity to help others find that better life (both here on earth and in heaven). I am shocked when I see to what extent people will go to try and have a better life on earth. If they would only put that much effort into an eternal life! I thank God for all the wonderful partners that He has given us (monetary supporters, friends, prayers, and wonderful coworkers all across Mexico and the world).

On a lighter side:
Momo (Cory's mom) gave the kids some really great magnet books. Abigail's is a girly one and Josiah's is a construction sight. The other day the kids were playing in Josiah's room with the door shut. Cory did not know what they are playing with - I don't even think he had seen the books yet. As he walked by the room he heard Abigail yelling to Josiah "Don't play with my maggots! Leave my maggots alone!" He quickly checked in on them to see what they were playing.