Jul 26, 2007

We are home and settling in

Well we made it home last Tuesday. We had a few days to unpack and get the house "straightened out" then we went with a youth group from Alaska to the beach. We just got back on Tuesday and it seems like although I have wanted to get a lot done the last few days it just hasn't happened. We had a great trip and got to see so many people. It was a very crammed trip for two and a half weeks. We were in three different states and 5 different cities. We were blessed to see a large part of our family. Josiah, Abigail and Hannah were able to see all their Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and their one and only very special cousin.

While we were in the states my sister, Jessica, and her family moved to Tulsa. I am so happy for them, they sold their house, got new jobs and are closing on a new house next week. Although I am very excited for them it was a little sad for me that they were moving from Lubbock. We (the three girls and our parents) are officially all spread out around the US and Mexico. No one lives closer than 7 hours from each other. I guess we knew the day would come.

While in Clovis we were able to spend time with Cory's family. We were thankful that Cory's Aunt and Uncle came down from Oregon and his grandparents drove in from Oklahoma. His cousin was also able to come in from Albuquerque.

I threw a surprise party for Cory while we were in the states. It was a hard party to pull off - since a large part of the planning was done from Mexico. Thanks to all of you who helped and to those of you who attended. There were around 50 people there with some driving as far as 2 hours! Cory was very honored by those of you who attended!

We had a great visit with my Aunt from Croatia, my Uncle from Kansas City and my grandparents in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma we were able to visit a "new" supporting church. The Yukon Church of Christ supported my parents from more than 20 years with their work in Italy and South Dakota. They began supporting us in January. This was Cory's first time to get to meet everyone and I was thrilled to get to see people that I hold very dear to my heart. I had always told Cory what a wonderful church it was and how loving the people were. He believed me but didn't really understand just how great they were until he was able to spend a day with them. He was amazed at their loving hearts.

The trip was great and refreshing for us. We have only been home for 9 days now. I have been waking up with dreams were I decided that I shouldn't be in Mexico anymore and that I should move back to the states. I have also had dreams were I wanted to be in Mexico more than anywhere else. I think these dreams are a representation of the battle I daily feel inside of me. It was really hard on me to say bye to my niece and see how sad my kids were to have to leave her. They still ask me if they can move to the states. We know this is where we belong and we love being here. At the same time we would love to spend more than a few days a year with our families. It is a hard battle inside of us.

I need to go get some more unpacking done. We have a group coming in from Amarillo in 3 hours.

Thanks for reading.


Heather said...

Welcome home!
I just want you to know I have been regretting ever since Jeremy & Jessica came back from Yukon that I didn't just change our plans and drive down on Sunday to see you! We won't let that happen again if we can help it!
Your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL! Keep the pictures coming... we love them and we love you. Glad you are home safe and sound... and selfishly, we are glad J&J's move will give us a shot at seeing you more often. We love you both much. Our God is amazing in you!


Love the news on the family. Glad your trip was safe. Hope you got time to spend a little time with Bruce and Amanda. The are two awesome people.

Love you guys - Trey

PS - Next time we come to Mexico we're coming to see you guys so we can go to the beach. ha

Carolyn said...


Oh - we feel the inner battle too...always tough to get back on the road and cross the border....yet upon arrival and re-settlement (which we are still working on it) we are happy here. I don't think anyone can understand how it feels unless they are in our shoes. Glad to relate to someone in this big world!!!!

Love you and wish we could see each other soon!!!

How was your time with Amanda?

Let's skype soon!

Love you,
Care Care