May 30, 2009

quick update

So, I am shocked that some of you still check my blog. Sorry it has been a crazy month but then when isnt it.
Seems like most of the month was taken up by N1H1 flu. The schools closed down for 3 weeks. It was a little crazy. The school sent us homework via their blog. That was Josiah stayed up to date and they are still right on schedule. The govt has extended the school year until the 14th of July but Josiah and Abigails schools have worked it out where grades will end as planned on the 3rd of July. The schools have to stay open until the 14th or the government will fine them (since they are private schools). The three weeks at home were crazy but kinda fun at the same time. Since we weren't allowed to leave our houses it was fun because we often stayed in our JP's all day and just spent time together. We did leave the house a few times and that was also fun because no one was out. We went to Peter Pipper Pizza one day and we were the only people there. It was fun to have all the games to ourselves.
I also took a few days and went to Lubbock - by myself. My little sister graduated with her doctorate in Physical Theraphy and I just couldn't miss that event. Tickets were cheap and I still had some Christmas money left so it was a no brainer. I didn't tell anyone I was coming so it was really fun to suprise everyone. I had a good time and a big thanks to Cory for watching the 3 kids for me.
My twin sister, her husband and my niece are in the air right now. They should be arriving to GDL in about an hour and a half. We are so excited!
We also got 3 new AIMers a few weeks ago. They are doing well and we are glad to have them here. We now have 9!
Well, I just wanted to let you all know that we are doing well. I need to go finish changing sheets and get the kids dressed to head to the airport.
Sorry if there are misspellings or grammar errors. I don't have time to check. Thanks for checking in.


Timbra said...

yes yes. . i check daily in hopes for an update from your sweet family!!! three new nieces/nephews by the end of the year. . big year for you!!! how fun that j/j/e are coming today!!! Have so much fun! I love time with my sis and we won't see her until baby is due in august :( after you enjoy your family's visit. . . get back to blogging for us and showing off your babies!!! we've got our team of SIX AIMers right now. . big job for the hubby, but very exciting times for our congregation (and ourselves!)


I check your blog faithfully ... thanks for the update :)

David and Olivia said...

Good to hear things are going so well for you guys. I'm glad you survived (and even enjoyed) the "stay home" days. That's also great you were able to go back for your sis' graduation, plus surprise everyone! :) We keep you guys in our prayers!