Nov 7, 2008


Well, different thing bring joy to different people. I love food. I love cooking food, I love inventing things, I love baking, I love eating food. The other day one of my teamates asked me what I liked doing in my free time. I explained that I loved cooking, scrapbooking etc. He asked me if I liked reading and I said that I liked reading cookbooks. He was a little shocked.
One of the things about living in a different country is that we can't get all the same things that are in the states. The other day I was making a mental list of the things we can't get. It went something like this:

Rice a Roni
Instant pasta dishes
Hamburger Helper
Liquid, flavored, coffee creamers
Muffin mixes
Corn bread mix
Non flavored marshmallows (the ones here are fruit flavored)
Instant pudding
Pudding cups
Chow Main noodles
Good ice cream
Vanilla wafers
Graham cracker
Heinz 57
Cream of Chicken soup
Laffy Taffy, Starburst, Skittles, Twizlers, Sweet Tarts etc.
Ranch Doritos
Cheetos (we can get the ones with Chili on them)
Cool Whip (we can get something similar)
Taco seasoning
Ranch powder
Enchilada sause (wierd?!)

You get the idea. Anyway as I was thinking about the list I realized that most everything on my list was unhealthy. So, I guess in the end we are better off not having those things.

Well, the other day I went to a store that is far from my house and I have only been there a few times. I thought I would go check it out because they are building one a mile or so from our house. Well, I found instant pudding, cool whip, heinz 57, chow mein noodles and vanilla wafers. I couldn't believe it.

Today I went to walmart and I found the best find of all
I was in total amazement. I just stood there and looked at it. There were only 4 flavors but the decision was still so hard. The choices were strawberry, cookies and cream, vanilla, and Dutch Chocolate. It cost around $10 for a half gallon. At first I just admired it and walked away. Seriously who would spend $10 for a half gallon of ice cream. Then a few isles down I realized that I had to go back and get it. Often they will get one shipment of something and then never have it again. I just couldn't risk it! So I put a few items back (I only had $17 with me) and got the dutch chocolate.
I am tempted to have a bowl for breakfast!


Carolyn said...

That is HILARIOUS because we just found Blue Bell too and decided to splurge on some ourselves...we picked Strawberry since Reece doesn't care for chocolate but we did the exact same thing - stood there amazed...walked away...then returned and put it in the cart! We had found Blue Bell when we first first moved here, at Walmart, then it went away until this week (at least this is the first we had seen it since the early years!) We can also now find Reese's in lots of places now. Crazy!

Looking forward to seeing you too!!! I wish you were gonna be here to help me...I am thinking of setting up a table at our school's Christmas bazar...selling pies and cookies and bread...we'll see. Sounds like lots of work but lots of fun too. See if we can make some Christmas money. Wanna come and help???

Have a good nite - I hope you are enjoying your day time freedom. How many pages have you scrapped???

Love ya Tone,

Anonymous said...

you crack me up... Just need to come to Leon early for the retreat and go to HEB and get the stuff. I hardly buy it even though it is there (I am a "coda") but actually the graham crackers and the HEB brand of icecream is good and not too expensive...

LOL - Tana

Timbra said...

i read mike your list and he said "cory has been a bad influence on her" he couldn't imagine with your mad cooking skills that a desire for velveeta would ever cross your mind :) we had situations like that in fiji, you learn not to pass up the creature comforts assuming they'll be there on another adventure, you just grab them up and take them home and delight in the overpriced indulgence once in a while.

Mike and Lucy said...

I love velveeta too and it is one thing I really miss!! We can't get Reeces either, but we do get Skittles. Which is weird, because I'd think you'd get more stuff, because you are closer. But I guess that doesn't matter. And I think we can get Heinz 57 here too! Actually, the ketchup selection of the Russian/Ukrainian brands is unbelievable. There are all sorts of flavors! We miss all kinds of Doritos too! Well, hope you are doing well. We think about you often!