Apr 18, 2008

Parties, Parties, and more Parties

So, I haven't blogged in a while. I actually went to the United States for a week. I saved up my Christmas and Birthday money and treated myself to a trip to the states, I only took Hannah with me (since she is under 2 and doesn't have to pay for a ticket). It was my first time to really leave the other two big kids for more than one or two nights. We all did well.

I went to Tulsa (Broken Arrow) to see my twin sister and her family. Ok, the truth is I mainly went to see my only neice Elizabeth. She turned two last week (12th - the same day that Abigail and my grandmother have Birthdays). I went to Tulsa the week before her Birthday and my sister was kind enough to bump the party up a week so we could be there. We had a great time visiting them and had a blast at the Strawberry shortcake party. My sister Monica and my grandmother were also able to join us for a few days which made it extra special.

Elizabeth blowing out her candles on her delicious Strawberry shortcake.

The girls had a great time together. This was the first time they really got to spend time together since they have been able to talk and interact. It was really fun to watch them play with eachother. I just kept thinking about my mom and how she had two of us at the same time!

I got home on the 10th and started thinking about Abigails Birthday party. We decided to hold it off a week since I wasn't going to have time to get everything ready. On Saturday, her actual Birthday, we decided to go to Peter Pipper Pizza after Josiahs baseball game (they lost for the first time this year!). We dediced to call some friends to go with us. As soon as we arrived Abigail saw some tables that were decorated for someones Birthday party. She ran over to the table and was so excited that they had decorated for her party. She was so happy. Kim talked to the lady decorating tables and found out that for $1 a child they would decorate the table for us. So I ran and payed my $6 and got the table decorated. While eating I overheard Abigail tell Karsyn that she needed to eat all of her pizza or else she wouldn't get any cake. Cake! Luckily there is a grocery store connected to the pizza place so I ran and got a cake, forks, matches, and candles. In the end she was thrilled about her party. If only I would have known I wouldn't have already invited guests to the real party.

Not the greatest picture but one of the best I got.

Thursday rolled around and I had double booked her school party and her real party. So in the morning we had a party at the school and in the afternoon we had a party at the house.

Here is Abigail standing infront of her classmates as they sing Happy Birthday to her.

The party at the house was a girls only party. We live in a housing addition where there are about 40 kids. No matter what they all end up coming to parties invited or not. I have had around 100 at a party before. Incase you are wondering my house isn't that big and my back yard is only about 30 feet x 5 feet. So, itsn't kinda crowded when there are that many. This time I made it an exclusively girls and their mothers/grandmothers only party. It was a lot of fun there were 7 girls in total and they all dressed up like princesses. We did about 4 crafts, made princess wands, crowns, etc. It was a lot of fun. Abigail is already talking about next years party.
Personally I am partied out for a while.

This is just seconds before her hair cought on fire. Luckily Kim was standing nearby.

This time we did the pinata inside of the house. We got a pinata that you don't hit! This kind has about 20 ribbons attached to the bottom of it. One of the ribbons is attached to the "door" which when opened releases all of the goodies. The kids take a turn and pick one ribbon to pull until the special ribbon is choosen. This year Hannah was the one who pulled the special ribbon and released all the candies.


Stacy said...

Wow Toni,
That's a lot of partying! It looks like everyone had a great time.(We had 3 Christmases one year and my daughter started to ask if we would have it again the next week - I had to tell her it usually only happens once a year.)

Glad you were able to go to Tulsa and to your niece's b'day party - that must have been really special!

Seems like you all keep very busy :)

Hope you have a great day,

J'Lae said...

I can see why you are partied out. I am glad to hear you had a good time at Tulsa. Abigail's hair caught on fire, wow that is funny. I am sorry that Josiah lost his first game. I hope he wasn't too upset. well have a good day tomorrow and God bless. Love J'Lae