Apr 30, 2010

Kids Day

Today Mexico celebrates Kids Day. My kids have been so excited about it. Yesterday Josiah said " I can't wait for tomorrow but at the same time I don't want tomorrow to come" I asked him why. His answer was "well because if it was already tomorrow then the next day would be Labor day and I don't really feel like working!". Tomorrow is Labor day and I will make sure he doesn't work too hard.
At school today they are pretty much having a party all day long. The kids got to wear costumes to school. There will be pinata, food, candy, presents etc. at the girls school. Hannah decided she didn't want to put her princess dress on at the last minute so we improvised and she wore one of Abigais costumes. Its from a famous Mexican show.
Abigail was so so so happy to wear her princess dress. I am sure she is having a blast showing it off to everyone at school.

Josiahs school is actually putting on a carnival. They have rides and everything. He decided he didn't want to wear a costume so he just dressed in his John Cena T-shirt. I didn't get a picture of him before he walked out the door but here is a picture from last night at the grocery store.



C-U-T-E ... I so need a cute little girl. Maybe someday a granddaughter ...

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