Dec 16, 2008

While in Vallarta we went on an excursion. The boat took us out into the ocean and then let us snorkel for a while. It was pretty cool. The fish were amazing and very big.
Abigail once again with her hand on her waist.

Josiah after snorkeling for 10 seconds. He got scared and Cory pulled him right out.

These fish were beautiful and the picture doesn't do them justice. They were probably at least 9-12 inches long.

Once again the hand on her waist.
On the beach there were two groups of guys making huge sand sculptures.

Nativity scene. To help you understand how big it was - it was taller than the iguana in the previous picture. Probably twice as tall.
We got to release sea turtles again. The kids loved it and so did the AIMers.

Abigail named her turtle Abigail and she cheered her on the whole time till she made it into the ocean.


Timbra said...

since you have the live feed, you can see i stop by every day. what a fun trip. my parents brought back one of those cute dresses from pvr when they were there in august. . . so cute!!! someday i want to come release the turtles, what an awesome experience. looks like we're getting an aim team, one of the girls is sister to one of your boys. . . very cool!!! love the photos! and the hand on the hip thing is SOOO funny, a model must have a signature move though!!!!

Lady_Verlane said...

Great pics.... I am glad you all got to go to the Beach and enjoy some time with family.. Merry Xmas and Happy late birthday....Tana