Jun 1, 2008

Hannah turned 2 yesterday! I can hardly believe it. She had a great day and loved all the attention she got. She got lots of phone calls and singing. The got sung to in Italian, English, and Spanish!
We did not have a party we just had cake and presents with our family. Hopefully sometime in the next week or two we can do something for her.
Our AIMers have now been here for two weeks (part of why I haven't posted in a while). We absolutely love them and really think we got a great team. The kids can't get enough of them. One day when I picked Abigail up from school she looked at me with a disgusted look and said "why didn't you bring the AIMers?".
The team is pictures above with Hannah waiting to eat breakfast. Unfortunately Aaron McCall was absent for the picture.
They are settled in for the most part in their new houses. There are still a few details that need to be addressed, broken fridge and water heater, but otherwise they are settled in.

Today was the annual school program. The kids did a great job and really had fun while doing it. Josiah even read a short little poem about fathers. It was so amazing to see him, on stage, infront of around 600 people, reading in Spanish! I was very proud.

Each class represented a country and danced the traditional dance. Josiah's class represented Brazil and Abigail's class represented the USA (Hawaii).

I must admit the costumes where a little scary when they first arrived at my house. We, as well as many of our friends and family, got a lot of laughs out of Josiah's costume. Luckily it didn't look as silly when the whole class was wearing it.

The kids still have one month left of school. They get out the last of June.

This next month is crazy for us. This coming week a professor from ACU is coming to help our team with evalutations. Our dear friends the Brednichs are also coming, fom Mexico City, to participate and they will be staying at our house. It can get pretty crazy with 6 children!!

The following week 3 elders from Sunset will be visiting us. We are really excited about their visit. They are three wonderful men that we look up to a lot. It will be good to have them here. Then there will be a few days of rest and the youth groups from Clovis and Sunset are coming on a mission trip.

Also wanted to let you know that two new families have recently contacted us and asked us if we can start churches in their houses. We are excited about it. Because the two houses are about 40 minutes from eachother we are only able to meet with each house every other week. They meet by themselves the weeks that we can not be there. One family used to go to church many years ago and then quit. They seem to be good at coming up with excuses, we are praying that this time they are more committed.

Thanks for reading.

PS 28 days and we will be in Houston watching the Red Sox stomp the Astros!!!

and getting Mannys autograph!! Why not dream big! Seriously anyone have any unique ideas of how we can get the players autograph? Let me know.


Mike & Lucy said...

Sorry, I have no creative powers in me at the moment to think of a way to help you get an autograph...but keep dreaming BIG!
I am glad you are getting your AIMers settled in. It sounds like you are super busy, and will remain that way for a while. I hope it is a 'good' busy. Let us know how your house churches are going that you are meeting with. How exciting!
PS. I can't believe Hannah is two either! She is just adorable! Happy B'day little girl!


You're pitiful. Rooting for a yankee team over a Texas team. Sheesh.

Can I get some of those little outfits the kids had on? I want one in my size and Lea's size.

Yee Haw!

Lady_Verlane said...

Can you beleive time flies by? seems like yesterday Maicah and Hannah were tiny......
Oh well. God is good.
Sounds like your summers are crazy like ours. Good to see all is going well.
Love, Tana

Linda Merritt said...

Love the photos of your family.
We love you guys and hope we can get to visit when you come to TX.
I will pray for Claudia as well and for her family.
We also love your Aimers, please give them a hug for us.
God Bless and don't forget to hug your kids they do grow up way to fast! Jenny will be 18 on July 9 J'Lae is in Leon as you know and we are still in Hart!
Love you guys and have a great summer!
Linda Merritt

Janet said...

I know you wrote this 3 weeks ago and I'm just now reading it and commenting on it - but - yeah for Josiah representing Brazil!!! ;)

Mike & Lucy said...

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and praying for you today. It's been a while since we've heard from you, so I think that means you must be super busy!! I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying everything immensely!

Annie said...

it was good to see you and spend time with your group, thanks for everything!!

Timbra said...

where have you gone?!!! we miss you!!!