Mar 3, 2008

baseball and life

Josiah has baseball games on Saturdays. This Saturday some of the missionaries came to watch him. The night before the game, after I had put him to bed, he yelled down to me "do you need to draw them a map so they will know how to get there?" He was so excited that they were going to be there to watch him he could barely sleep. While at the game I was thinking about how much fun he was having. I looked around and noticed that all the kids were having fun and not really thinking about who was the best and the mistake they had just made etc. They were just concentrated on having fun. Not on who was the best or worst - or at least not individually. They are undefeated and pretty proud of that. Josiah was just excited to be playing a game he loves and that his friends had come to watch him.
Cory also has softball on Saturdays although this week he played Sunday afternoon. When I think about his games it is a whole different ball game. They get mad at eachother, mad at themselves, Cory is still talking about that error he had!! I was thinking about what a difference a few years make in how we look at life. Kids are so innocent and just want to enjoy life. We adults on the other hand like to complicate things. No wonder Matthew, Mark and Luke mention that Jesus wanted the little children to come to him. The children just wanted to be around Him and the adults fought over who would be at his right and left hand (Matt 20:20-28).