Dec 20, 2007

AIM coordinators

We are so excited! We found out yesterday that we are getting AIMers in May.
We can't wait for them to get here. There are going to be 6 of them! Its a little bit bigger of a team then we were expecting but it will be great. Their names are Jessica Ford, Aaron McCall, Brian Hall, Dana Lester, Daniel Batten and Elizabeth Burow.
We know that they are going to be a big blessing to our family. My kids are excited. They have had a chance to spend a little time with AIMers in the past month and they think AIMers are really cool.
On a side note. Amy Jo Smith was a little girl when I went to the field (her parents were my coordinators) and she will be going to Albania as an AIMer in May. I am really excited for you Amy Jo! Her brother is in South Africa also as an AIMer.
On another side note one of our AIMers, Aaron McCall, is family. Well, his brother is married to my twin sister. I realize that isn't blood relatives, but I figure he is an uncle to my niece so we are family.
AIMers we are really excited about you guys. Enjoy the next few months in Mission term it is a lot of fun. We are praying for you and the work you will do here.


tim rush said...

Hey Cools,

Tried to skype you but still couldn't find you on the search.

Hope things are going well in GDL. We're off to Arkansas today but will try to call when we get back.

By the way, love the hannah scarecrow.


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

just wondering if you could find a way to include the made up word "AIMers" (that we all pretend is a real word) one more time in this blog. aaron mccall is now one of my facebook friends because as face book told me. . we know each other through other facebook friends! is that sad? congrats on the new team, we'll be awaiting lots of fun stories! this is weird. . my "word verification" word is azierm (that has 5 of the same six letters at AIMERS. . creepy)

Mike & Lucy said...

How exciting for you guys! I am dreaming ahead of when we will be able to have AIMers. Congrats on the team! We love you all.

Lady_Verlane said...

Very Cool. we are happy for you guys. It is amazing that there will be 20 something aimers in Mexico.... God has BIG Plans here! (But he always has)