Jun 2, 2007

Well, it has been a fun week. Hannah turned one on Thursday. She, of course, didn't really know that it was a special day. Josiah and Abigail really enjoyed celebrating for her. Josiah was so proud to have been the first to wish her a Happy Birthday (although she woke up in the middle of the night and Cory really was the first to wish her a Happy Birthday).
Josiah was really excited because he expected Hannah to wake up and be able to walk and talk. I guess I had told him a while back that she wouldn't be able to do those things until she was one. He took me literally.
The kids didn't want to leave for school until she had opened her presents so we had a quick present opening time.
At 2:30 (the exact time she was born) we sang her Happy Birthday. Josiah had the job of watching the clock and letting us know when it was 2:30.
In the afternoon we had cake and then played outside.
We plan on having a party with all of our friends but we still do not know when. They are currently painting the 34 houses in our condominium. They picked 4 colors and each house is to be painted one of the 4 colors according to the patterns they set out. We are in house #3. I guess they didn't get the colors right so they have stoped and are trying to work the colors out on our house. Well they started working on our house 5 days ago. Our house has been painted twice! I still am not sure that it is the right color. The color they chose for our house is really quite ugly. In our house we like to call it "Hannah has a dirty diaper color". I think a more proffesional name would be mustard/light brown. Once they get the paint figured out then we will talk about having a party.



Wow ... I enjoyed catching up on the Burns family. You guys look great. And I'm amazed at the family. God has blessed you.

We'll be in Mexico City, July 11th - 18th - Hope we somehow get to come that way. I'd love to catch up with you guys.

Blessings - Trey

Carolyn said...

That makes me laugh. Only in Mexico would they repaint until the color scheme made sense. Maybe they will pick a better color thrid time around :) We are in Louisville, having a great time. Just checking in as we have a free day so I am catching up on firends. When do you guys head to the States?

Hi to your family.

Love, Carolyn

Lindsey said...

so good to hear from you. Yeah I love Shawn and Barb And the kids of course. I love to come to mexico and see them and I love to talk to them on the phone. I have added you to my blogs readings so i can see what you and your family is up too. Tell Cory I said Hey!

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hey, so, hannah's not yet walking? alani is taking a few steps here and there, but finds crawling to be much safer and faster. . . she got a new walking toy for her bday too. right now, there's no move planned for us, except into our own place, but that's just for now. i think we're more open to what the future holds than we have been in many months.